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Our Curriculum


At Wyburns we teach an exciting themed curriculum. Key skills and knowledge are outlined for each class, each term, and teachers plan an engaging theme that links skills for a cross-curricular approach. This cross-curricular planning is welded together through the teaching of English, Maths and Computing, with a focus on the key elements of grammar, spelling, punctuation, rapid mental calculations and maths in context; preparing our children as leaders of the future.

We promote independence in thought and action, and British values - spiritual, moral, social and cultural - underpin all that we do.

Every child has brilliance inside them; we endeavour to provide as many opportunities for this to shine through as possible, and celebrate when it does.

Every child is individual; our approaches to teaching, the interventions we offer and the wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities we provide support and encourage this.

We want every child to love learning and to develop a thirst for enquiry in an environment where it is safe to be wrong in the journey to get it right!  surprise



New Pupil Target Sheets 2015/16


Following feedback suggestions from parents, we are launching a new-style pupil target sheet this autumn.  Your child will have target sheets for maths and English that will be stuck into their work books, that they will update in conjunction with their teachers as they make progress in their learning.  The emphasis will be on the children gaining a very thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding that they can demonstrate independently, over a period of time and in other areas of their learning.  Due to the cyclical way in which we teach some areas of the curriculum, particularly in maths, they may well put a target 'on hold' until that aspect is revisited, when they will have had a bit more time to embed their understanding. 


Please find below some summary posters that show all of the targets for each year group that the children will work on throughout all three terms.  These may, where necessary, be supplemented by some from the year below, if there are any specific gaps that individual pupils need to work on.

Assessment Without Levels

Thank you to those who came to our parent information sessions on the new curriculum and how it will be assessed.  For anyone that was not able to make it, please find the presentation and information leaflet below.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to pop in and speak to us.



From September 2016, all year groups will be working from the new National Curriculum.  During 2014/15, Years 2 and 6 will still be studying the old curriculum as this is what they will be assessed on for the 2015 SATs.


Along with the revised National Curriculum, the government have decided to replace the current levelling system.  Children will be assessed in bands, the number of which will correspond to their year group i.e. a Year 4 pupil should be operating within Band 4.


We will be running some sessions for parents to explain the new system - dates to follow.  In the meantime, please have a look at this parent guide to the new curriculum, that outlines what you can expect your children to be studying.

Parent Guide to the New Curriculum

Curriculum Overview for School