Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Brilliance 8.10.21


Wyburns’ Brilliance Certificates


Acorns- Oakley H for his concentration and enormous effort that he has put into all his learning.

 Class 1- Tate for being super kind and helpful in our computing session this week. You were a star and made us all smile!

Class 2-  Sonny for excellent teamwork and design ideas when creating a basket for Mr Grinling’s lunch.

 Class 3- Beau for his resilience and determination this week. He has not given up even when he has been faced with his challenges.

Class 4- Marley for his resilience and determination to succeed in maths lessons this week. You did it! 

Class 5- Gabby for your fantastic resilience this week with your speech on deforestation! Your performance was so full of confidence!

Class 6-  Laila for her attentiveness showing her willingness to learn and achieve her best.

Class 7- Lilia for her sunny positive attitude to everything! Her dedication to her learning is incredible and her thoughtful nature always shines through! A fabulous role model for Wyburns!