Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 2

Tuesday 14th July 2015


One week to go! cool


A few reminders:


*The children will need a strong bag to take their work and exercise books home on Friday; this will ensure that none of the brilliance will get ruined!

*Remember it is party time on Monday afternoon- if the children wish to change into their  party clothes they will be provided with the opportunity to change after lunch.

*We will be collecting the children's reading and library books towards the end of the week to ensure that they are all back before the end of the year. However, we are encouraging the children to continue reading at home wherever and whenever they can.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee  smileysmiley




Design Technology- Designing and creating our very own greenhouses!

Celebration Assembly


Thank you to all of you who came to share our brilliance in yesterday's special assembly. It was a fantastic opportunity to let the children sparkle and shine and show you all just how brilliant they are! It shows that if you believe it you can achieve it.


Well done Class 2 for all your  groovy dance moves to our favourite song at the end of assembly; you made me a very proud teacher! cheeky


Miss Fox smiley

Reports and Key Dates


It was fantastic to see the children so keen in sharing their thoughts about their reports and discussing with me how they felt about  various moments of brilliance, which has taken  place throughout the academic year. It was an absolute pleasure to write the reports as it was an opportunity for me to reflect on what a wonderful year the pupils have had, which has seen all of them reach their personal learning targets both in and out of the classroom. Go Class 2! no


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our celebration assembly is being held tomorrow at 2.15pm in the hall... Both the children and I are extremely excited to share the brilliance and have a small surprise for parents/carers. Another important date is Monday 13th July when you have the chance to meet your child's new teacher! smiley


A big thank you for your continued support over the year and even though we only have a short time left in Class 2 I am sure we can fit a few more moments of brilliance in!


Miss Fox smiley

Monday 6th July 2015


Fishy Fun!


This week the children  will be focusing on the story of Rainbow Fish. In our English lesson today we used the opportunity to become familiar with the text and the children used their Talk for Writing skills to consolidate their understanding. by acting out sequence of key events. Later on this week the children will be using the knowledge of the story to compare  the personality of Rainbow Fish and how he learned to share and being a kind, friendly fish.


Keep up the brilliance Class 2!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Geography Lesson- Applying Our Directional Language !

Monday 22nd June 2015


Sports Day!


Just a reminder to say remember to bring in your coloured t-shirts for our Sports Day on Thursday. We are extremely excited for you to show the rest of the school how hard you have been practising for your running and obstacle races. We are sure many of you will be flying down the track! cheeky


If you have forgotten what team you are in and are unsure what colour t-shirt you need to bring in for our special sports morning please do not hesitate to ask either of us.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 19th June 2015


Wonderful Weighing


The focus in our maths lessons this week has been on weight. The children had lots of opportunities to consolidate their understanding and knowledge through practical activities throughout the week. The children particularly enjoyed Friday's lesson when they made yummy cakes! cheekyno


Another week of brilliance Class 2- keep it up! frown


Have a fabulous weekend.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Wednesday 10th June 2015


Practising Sports Day!


Class 2 had lots of fun this afternoon practising for Sports Day; they were provided with the opportunity to not only practise their running skills but also to peer and self-assess so they could improve and get an even faster time. I can't believe how quickly you all could run- you  were nearly flying down the track cheeky. I had so much fun at racing you all this afternoon and next lesson I will make sure I have my trainers with me!


Keep shining and sparkling with brilliance Class 2! no


Miss Fox smiley

Ice Investigation!

Tuesday 2nd June 2015


Welcome Back! Let The Brilliance Begin Again...


Welcome back Class 2! It is lovely to see your cheeky faces and even better to see that you are ready for your final burst of brilliance in Class 2. As always, we were impressed with your positive learning attitude and working as a team.


Class 2 had a lovely afternoon in RE and DT as they designed their very own memory garden and used their knowledge of looking after the environment to support their ideas for  rules that they would like to put in place.


Keep going superstars! cheeky


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 22nd May 2015


Minion Madness!


WOW! What an eventful week Class 2 have had. We had lots of fun decorating our minion cakes and made sure we concentrated when using the icing pens. After being invaded by a mob of minions today I think we are all 'minioned out'! Well done to all of you for being so positive about your learning this week and I know so many of you have thoroughly enjoyed all the creative activities that have taken place.


We have been bursting with pride this half term because you have been bursting at the seam with BRILLIANCE! Both of us are so proud of all your achievements over this half term and you should be too! no


We hope you have a fabulous half term (please remember to not come in on Monday 1st June as it is a training day for teachers) and can't wait to hear all your news. Remember to be safe and have lots of fun!  cheeky


Best wishes,


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

It's A Minion Thing! Decorating Our Cool Minion Cakes

Maths At The Movies Afternoon! Fun Maths Activities Cinema Style!

A Minion Morning! Cooking Cakes In Class 2!

Wednesday 20th May 2015


Wyburns at the Movies


Class 2 have had an exciting week so far with all the different activities taking place based on the film Despicable Me. The children are extremely excited about having their turn tomorrow in the hall when they take part in the all maths challenges based on the cinema.


We have had so much fun with you this week and it has been fab to see you so enthusiastic about your learning.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

The Minion Potions!

Monday 18th May 2015


Wyburns at the Movies


Woah! Class 2 had a super exciting surprise this morning when they came into their very own movie theatre in the classroom! They were provided with the opportunity to watch Despicable Me, which will be used a stimulus for fun and engaging lessons that will be taking place throughout this special week.


Activities this week include:

* Planning on ways we could steal the Moon

* Designing and making our very own potion

* Minion cake making

* Riddles

* Minion party! cheeky


We hope you all have a super exciting week Class 2. We  can't wait for all the fun things to begin!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Crazy Cress Heads!

Friday 15th May 2015


The Magical Key


When Class 2  arrived in the classroom this morning they were greeted with lots of glitter on the carpet and a very special box that was sitting on the carpet in the sunlight. After a class discussion on what we thought would be in the box we decided to be brave and open it! To our surprise, there was a glistening key in it  and we were all curious about where it had come from. We all had wonderful ideas and used the key as a stimulus to write an exciting, magical adventure for our chosen characters in a story.


Well done to all of you for writing such super stories! We were really impressed when we were reading them at lunchtime. Class 2 you never cease  to amaze me with the brilliance you produce surprise.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday when we start our fun packed week of Wyburns at the Movies.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Class 2 would like to say a massive 'Thank you!' to our parent helpers who came with us on the trip!

Monday 11th May 2015


Wonderful Wat Tyler Park!


Wow! What a fun packed day Class 2 have had today. We took part in lots of activities to expand our knowledge about plants and flowers and had lots of fun! We were thrilled at your positive attitude to all the activities throughout the day and thought you behaved like superstars indecision.


We hope you had lots of fun too and are ready for some brilliant learning tomorrow. Well done again for being amazing Class 2!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Wat Tyler Park


Not long until we go on our little adventure to Wat Tyler Park. We are extremely excited to learn new and wonderful facts about  plants and we hope you are too! cheeky


A few reminders:


* Remember to bring a packed lunch, preferably in a carrier bag so you can throw it away.

* Also, it looks like we are in luck and the weather will be kind to us so please make sure you bring plenty of water, a  sun hat and have applied suntan lotion on before you arrive at school because we will be outside all day.

* Finally, all pupils will be allowed to wear whatever they would like on the bottom- we would suggest  tracksuit bottoms but children will be asked to wear their PE tops so if you haven't  taken them home we will have chance to put them on before we leave school in the morning.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend Class 2! smiley


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Science Plant Hunt

Tuesday 5th May 2015


Welcome back! We hope you had a fun and exciting extra long weekend. It was great to hear all the wonderful things you had been up to over the weekend with your family and friends. I loved your posters in PSHE about the importance of money... You all had some great ideas on what is essential to buy with money and things that we simply want.


Remember that our school trip is on Monday 11th May so if you haven't already done so,  please remember to bring in your money and permission slip. We can't wait for all the exciting activities at Wat Tyler Park! Due to recent weather, please remember to back suitable clothing and shoes as you can't predict what the wonderful British weather will do on the day! frown


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 1st May 2015


Powerful Poetry


We are so proud of the poetry you produced this week in our English lessons. Not only were you successful in identifying features of calligrams and acrostic poems but also able to write you own, which included adjectives, alliteration, simile and... PERSONIFICATION! WOW! no


We hope you have a lovely weekend; remember it is bank holiday so we will see you on Tuesday raring to go and bursting with BRILLIANCE!


Best wishes,

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Thank you for coming to our celebration assembly. We hope you will agree with us that we were all bursting with brilliance!

Friday 24th April 2015


What an exciting investigation we had this morning! The pupils used their knowledge of 3D shapes to guess  what shape that their net would make... It was very exciting and there were a few surprises. You all produced wonderful 3D shapes, which included cubes, square based pyramids and cuboids.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and get ready to be bursting with brilliance next week, especially with our celebration assembly on Thursday.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Take a look at Class 2's summer termly overview... We have lots of fun and exciting activities  coming up smiley

Summer Curriculum Overview

Wednesday 22nd April 2015


Question time!


This week in our English lessons we are focusing on emotive language. Using our knowledge from last week's lesson we continued to use Jack and the Beanstalk as our stimulus and brainstormed how various characters would feel in different parts of the story. We had lots of fun with our homemade microphones when we pretended to be an interviewer and the big, scary giant!


Excellent work Class 2... Keep up the brilliance!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Disco Divas!

Friday 17th April 2015


Ball Skills


In PE today we focused on different ways  we could throw the ball to our partner. We had lots of fun coming up with creative ways to pass it to our friends. It was a real treat to be able to do our PE lesson outside and in the sunshine!


Have a lovely weekend Class 2... We can't wait to see what brilliance you achieve next week.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Scented Centimetres!

Monday 13th April 2015


Goodbye Monday Blues... Hello Summer Sunshine!


We thoroughly enjoyed having you all back today! It was great to see you so enthusiastic about retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using your Talk for Writing skills. I must also add that I was thrilled at how well your observational drawings came out. You all spent time, effort  and a great deal of care to produce such wonderful pieces of art.


Keep it up Class 2!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 27th March 2015


Well done Class 2 for claiming the Brilliance Cup; we are both extremely proud of you all and your wonderful achievements.


A massive thank you to those of you who gave us Easter eggs- we can't wait to eat them in the holidays.


Thank you for your continued support... Class 2 are simply bursting with BRILLIANCE!


See you in the Summer term.


Best wishes,

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Wyburns Got Talent

Easter Baskets And Cards

Re-telling our story using actions.

Still image for this video
We have been learning about traditional stories. To help us remember the main events in our own version of a traditional tale, we created different actions to perform. We then wrote the most amazing stories.

Monday 23rd March 2015


Dazzling Data


Well done Class 2 for being awarded the 100% attendance certificate no. Today in maths Class 2 focused on data handling. We decided to link it to our creative theme of All Creatures Great and Small by going on an exciting hunt for mini beasts in the school's woods. We found lots of ants and a couple of cute ladybirds... Miss Fox wasn't so happy when some of you found some spiders! Once we had gathered our data we interpreted it by putting it into a pictogram. Well done Class 2... You are data handling superstars! smiley


Lets make our final week of the spring term full of brilliance! You can do it!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 20th March 2015


Full Moon, half Moon... Total eclipse!


What an amazing morning Class 2 and the rest of the Wyburns had.  It was a very exciting experience to be part of the eclipse event... Well done to all of you who behaved fantastically and took part with Feel Good Friday. We were very impressed with your recounts of the events in your Big Write. Later on in the morning Class 2 watched videos on BBC news of the eclipse in other parts of the country and other countries around world.


A big thank you to all parents/ carers who supported this fab event.


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Eclipse Fun!

Rescheduled Parent Workshop


This will take place on 25th March at 9am and will last for an hour. We hope you can make it. Please see leaflet below for further details smiley.

Remember it is Class 2's Talk and Share tomorrow (Tuesday 17th March) where you will have the opportunity to show parents/ carers all your achievements and how you are bursting with brilliance.


We hope you have a lovely evening.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Monday 16th March 2015


Science Afternoon


Class 2 were very lucky to spend the whole afternoon investigating about light and we were joined by some special guests...Class 4! We had a fun afternoon going round the different activities and even learned some really cool words such as opaque, transparent and translucent.


This afternoon has got the children in the mood for another scientific event that is taking place later in the week... The eclipse!


Miss Fox

Friday 13th March 2015


Comic Relief




Friday 6th March 2015


Bursting with Brilliance!


Well done Class 2 for winning the Lunchtime Manners Award for a third week running. We are so impressed with the way you conduct yourselves around the school. Thank you for all of you who have spent time coming up with some creative ways to read a book. The extreme reading competition ends next week so get your photos in! A big well done to those pupils who managed to get to our funky reading planet- remember you only have to read for short bursts each day to zoom your rocket to the planet and earn yourself five pebbles.


Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you bright and early on Monday morning.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Thursday 5th March 2015


Big Write Cinderella Style!


Today Class 2 had a bit of a shock! Mrs Lee acted as the evil boss and all the pupils took the role of Cinderella. After that, we discussed as a class how we felt about what had happened, which gave us a better understanding of how Cinderella would feel on a daily basis. Next, we spoke about different features of a diary entry to help us to be successful in our independent writing.


Well done Class 2- we are extremely impressed with the quality of your writing.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Chris and Sue Govus


As some of you may know, Chris and Sue are a much loved Christian couple who have been hosting assemblies for over 25 years! Their passion and love of life is infectious; with exciting songs and clear messages it is no wonder the children enjoy their assemblies.


Unfortunately, Chris and Sue are retiring. As a thank you Wyburns will be composing a Good Luck book, where each class will be writing messages to say ‘Thank You’. The couple have been hosting assemblies for many years, with many parents remembering them when they were at school. If you would like to contribute to our Wyburns Book please pass messages to Miss Fox or Mrs Lee no later than Tuesday 10th March.


Best wishes,


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley 

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 


Busy Bees... Where's Olly? 


Good evening Class 2! 

Our busy bee challenge for tomorrow morning is for you to find Olly because he has been rather cheeky and moved from his normal spot. Once you have found him you will need to write on the whiteboard where he is and what he is doing. 


Good luck busy bees! 


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Monday 2nd March 2015


World Book Day


It is World Book Day on Thursday 5th March and it would be fantastic if you could all bring in your favourite book and share it with the rest of the class.


Our mission to you is for you to read a book in a creative, interesting place and for parents/carers to take a photograph and to share it with us in the afternoon on Thursday at school. A prize is up for grabs for the person who can come up with the most creative place to read a book.


Happy reading!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Monday 2nd March 2015


Cereal Boxes


Good morning!


Next Monday we have a very exciting science afternoon with Class 4 and we would really appreciate if you could bring in any empty cereal boxes for our science investigation. We can't wait to see the brilliance you produce this week... You have all blown us away with the quality of your work and more importantly the tremendous effort you are putting in to every subject.


Best wishes,

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Friday 27th February 2015


Special Objects


In RE next week we will be focusing on 'Special objects'. We would like the children to bring in a special object of their choice on Tuesday 3rd March to share with the class. Please do not bring in anything that is too valuable. If you do not wish to bring the actual object in, a photograph or description of it will be absolutely fine.


Can I also take this opportunity to congratulate all of you for showing everyone how polite you are at lunchtime because you have been the winners of the 'Lunchtime Manners Award' for the second week running. Well done Class 2!


Have a wonderful weekend.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Wednesday 25th February 2015




Hello parents/ carers,

I am delighted to say that Wyburns is inviting you to a coffee morning at school on Tuesday 10th March at 9am to provide information on childhood development.

Please find the information leaflet attached below with all the details. We hope you can make it.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Tuesday 24th February 2015


Reading Rockets!


Welcome back Class 2. We hope you had a fantastic half term and had lots of fun. We have some exciting news to share with you... We have created a new reading incentive in our classroom. Each time you read at home you will move up the chart and at the end of the week we will see who has managed to complete the mission and land on our funky reading planet. Those of you who reach the super cool reading planet will also gain five pebbles for your team.


Good luck space troopers!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley


Friday 13th February 2015


Miss Fox Thinks We Rock! no


Class 2 had to solve a mystery today... We discovered a giant footprint on the

school field! Lots of us had some fab ideas on what we thought could have made the footprints and we used our discussion as a stimulus for our Big Write. Well done to all of you for writing some super newspaper reports.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for working so hard over this half term. You have all had moments when you have been BURSTING with brilliance and I am proud of you all. You make me a very happy teacher! smiley


We hope you have a lovely break; have lots of fun but also a little bit of a rest! We want your batteries recharged for the exciting next half term when our creative theme will be  'All Creatures Great and Small'.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Tuesday 10th February 2015- E-Safety Afternoon

Monday 9th February 2015


Hunting For Mini Beasts!


Due to the cold weather last week, we were unable to go pond dipping as the pond had frozen over (much to Miss Fox's disappointment!)... But the pupils of Class 2 still had a smile on their faces because we went into the woods and looked for mini beasts and discussed their habitats.


What a magical Monday Class 2 have had!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Hunting For Mini Beasts!

Monday 9th February 2015- Cool Capacity!

Friday 6th February 2015 


Big Jump, Little Jump!


Class 2 got their hearts racing in PE today when they learnt how to perform controlled jumps from different height apparatus. We certainly worked up appetite for our yummy lunch! Miss Fox and Mrs Lee were jumping for joy at our efforts! no


We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you Monday!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley


Thursday 5th February 2015 


Good evening snow troopers! Well done Class 2 for walking sensibly to the church today for our RE school trip especially as we had to brave the hail storm! I was extremely impressed with your behaviour in the church and well done for all the wonderful questions you asked Reverend Phil. 


Please remember your wellies on Monday as our science lesson is pond dipping and we don't want any soggy socks in the classroom! 


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Tuesday 3rd February 2015


Perfecting Painting


This morning we finished off our circus, clay lions and elephants. Mrs Lee taught us how to paint small, distinct dots on our clay models. We even learnt what pointillism means! We had lots of fun and now are circus animals look colourful and very cool.



Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley


Class 2 Are Booming With Brilliance!


Yipeeeee! Well done Class 2 you have managed to claim the Brilliance Cup for a second time. Congratulations to Class 6 too- who were joint winners with you this week. Lets aim to get the Brilliance Cup next week!


Keep it up Class 2!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Thursday 29th January 2015


Hello Class 2!


Mrs Lee and I have some very exciting news to share with you...Wyburns has become part of Charanga Music World, which is a great way to deepen you knowledge and understanding on different types of music and musical instruments. We have given you a username and password, which will be put in your homework diary tomorrow frown. We look forward to seeing your avatar, which you can design and edit once you have logged in.


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley


Tuesday 27th January 2015


Something very strange happened today in Class 2 when we were having our history lesson. While Miss Fox was teaching us about how circus transport has evolved through the years something popped up on the interactive white board.... Alex from Madagascar! He gave us a super challenge, which was to design our own transport to get the circus animals to Rayleigh as quickly as possible.


We had lots of fun and even included a cool gadget to make our invention unique no


Our surprised faces...sad

Tuesday 27th January

Arsenal Football Training session.

Today we were lucky enough to polish up our football skills

with two coaches from Arsenal Football Club.

We had a brilliant time and Miss Fox and Mrs Lee were very impressed with our skills.


Monday 26th January 2015


Monday Funday!


What a fantastic morning Class 2 have had. We spent the first part of the morning designing our circus animal and decorated our design using the traditional Aboriginal technique of dotting.

Here are a few of our designs.



Once we had designed our colourful, dotty animal pictures we then tackled the clay! We all had lots of fun (including Mrs Lee!)



A few reminders...


* Remember to bring your library books in on Thursday so you can swap your current book with a new one. 

* I am delighted to share with you that we will be going on an exciting adventure in our science lesson next week (pond dipping!) so please bring in your wellies. 

* Finally, can I remind you that our PE lessons are on Wednesdays and Fridays so please make sure you have your PE kits in school as practising and performing circus balances and skills don't work so well in uniform! 


Miss Fox laugh




Choc-tastic Fun!

Friday 23rd January 2015


Choc-tastic Friday!


In Big Write today we were writing chocolate poems and had a scrumptious time! We discussed how to incorporate our five senses into our poems and even got to taste the delicious chocolate. All the chocolate writing made Miss Fox and Mrs Lee very hungry!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend! cheeky


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Wednesday 21st January 2015


Good afternoon Class 2!


I have been blown away with the amount of brilliance that you have shown Mrs Lee and I so far this week. I really enjoyed looking through your traditional Aboriginal stories using symbols on Monday and was extremely impressed with the way you used your knowledge and understanding from previous lessons to be successful.


Well done to all of you for working so hard in your English lessons this week. I know our focus on onomatopoeia has been tricky but you have risen to the challenge and produced some wonderful poetry. I hope Class 2 go out with a BANG this week!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Hello Class 2!

Please click on the link below for your current terms overview.

It is a very exciting topic!

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley

Thursday 8th January 2015


A Mad Visitor!


Today we were very lucky because Dr Socket the mad scientist came to visit us in assembly this morning. He demonstrated some really cool experiments.... And even made some balloons pop!



Tuesday 6th January 2015


Welcome back Class 2. Mrs Lee and I are extremely impressed with the work you have produced so far this week- you are all BURSTING WITH BRILLIANCE!

We had an exciting PSHE lesson where we looked at different feelings that people may feel in a variety of situations. Check out our empathy glasses that we designed to emphasise looking at a situation from different perspectives.


Let the brilliance continue....


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smileysmiley



Merry Christmas Class 2


Well done to all of you for your fantastic achievements over this term. Mrs Lee and I are extremely proud of you- keep up the hard work!  Class 2 you have been BURSTING WITH BRILLIANCE!


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas, which is full of fun and laughter. Thank you to all the parents for your continued support.


We look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Miss Fox and Mrs Lee smiley


Christmas party!


Just to remind you that our Christmas party is on Wednesday. The children are welcome to bring in a change of clothes for this.


We are also allowing the children to bring in their own games for Friday if they wish. Please do not bring in anything too valuable :)

Children In Need Super Hero Day


Well done to Class 2 for dressing up as your favourite Super Hero. Here is a picture of a few Super Heroes holding the Brilliance Cup that we won on Friday.

Miss Fox and Mrs Lee think we are real life Super Heroes! 


Friday 7th November 2014


First of all I would like to congratulate everyone in class 2 for showing excellent behaviour around school and winning the Brilliance Cup! You are all superstars and I am extremely proud of you. smiley


Our focus in our English lessons has been on the story of Matilda by Roald Dahl. First we described the different characters using adjectives, similes and alliterations and we then moved on to write to Mr and Mrs Wormwood (Matilda's parents) telling them how unacceptable their behaviour was towards their daughter. I must say I was very impressed with your letters to her; with many of you using imperative verbs. Good job class 2!


The fun in class 2 didn't stop there, as our maths lessons were just as exciting! We used a range of techniques (including using yummy smarties) to help us understand and find fractions in shapes and quantities.


I wish you all a lovely weekend- lets see if class 2 can win the Brilliance Cup next

Miss Fox

Friday 10th October 2014


Following Instructions


In our English lesson our focus was following and writing instructions. At the beginning of the week we learnt how to sequence instructions and progressed throughout the week to writing our own. To make our instructions successful we used "bossy verbs" and "time connectives".

Finally fun Friday arrived and we followed the instructions we had written to make our own jam sandwiches. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed eating the end result.



Jam Sandwiches

Monday 6th October 2014


Not just an average Monday for KS1!

KS1 had a surprise on this wet Monday morning as they had a very special visitor who came to see them....a policeman. They found out the different types of equipment the police carry with them, the different roles they do and even had a go at finger printing.

Friday 3rd October 2014


Here are our fabulous fruit faces that we created!

KS1 big art inspired by our cross-curricular theme 'Do you want to be a superhero?'

Once again I want to thank all of you for working super hard in every lesson this week no

Well done for your fabulous fruit drawings in our art lesson, which was inspired by the famous artist Arcimboldo. You produced some wonderful work using the oil pastels and it looked really effective on black sugar paper. I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece next week!


Miss Fox smiley

We have had an exciting week this week learning about different superheroes. I was really impressed with your wanted poster trying to catch the villain that messed up our classroom!


Remember to bring your reading passport with you to school as you will receive a certificate when you reach a destination.


Well done class 2 for working super hard this week; I am proud of you all!


Miss Fox smiley

Welcome back class 2!


I have enjoyed our first few days together and getting to know you all.  


*Please remember your PE kits if you haven't brought them in already* 


I look forward to seeing you next week. 

Miss Fox