Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 3


Tuesday 9th February 2016


 Your brilliance shone when working with Class 5 on our E-safety activities and it was great to see you learning, whilst having huge smiles on your faces!

Here are some examples of Class 3's very own hashtags:

* Leo #keepsmiling

* Lacey #bekindbeafriend

* Freddie #shareasmile

Friday 16th October 2015





This afternoon Class 3 and Class 4 worked together to become masters of E-Safety! First, we watched a short clip explaining how to keep safe when using the internet and the precautions we could use to help us keep ourselves and also our friends safe too. As a large group we brainstormed all the creative, inspiring ways we could share our knowledge with the rest of  the school. One of the groups decided to create posters explaining all the things we should do when using the internet and the other group designed their very own avatar to symbolise that the character on the computer screen is not the same as the one behind the screen.


We had a fantastic afternoon together and well done to all of you for working so hard. Please remember that surfing the web can be fun and enjoyable but you must keep safe  by not giving out your personal details and always tell an adult if you think something isn't quite right or something has upset you.


Miss Fox smiley