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Class 5

Safer internet day 2016

Class 3 and 5 have worked together to share a heart and create a graffiti wall about staying positive on the internet. We have also been thinking about why its good to be different and why this should lead to us sharing this positively when online.

Our pledges have made us think about how we can stay safe online and make it a better place for everyone involved! 

Don't forget!



Staying safe online


Today we reminded each other of the top tips to staying safe on line. This included talking about social media sites, the internet in general, and internet gaming.


Class 5 know to only add or talk to people that they have met in person and know well. We also know to ask our parents/carers permission before making any decisions.

E-safety Experts!

Class 5 have spent the afternoon thinking about the different types of social media we have access to and how we can stay safe when using it.


We began by creating our digital footprint and then made ourselves in to a laptop to show the social media we have access to. We enjoyed sticking our own faces, arms and legs on to the screen! We then provided rules on how to take care when online e.g. looking at the age restrictions and using the security settings.