Primary School

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Class 6

What Information would you give to a stranger?


Well year 6 were willing to give up their passwords, their mobile phone numbers and their home addresses to  Miss Williams' 'friend'.


We realised this was a very bad idea.......


This led to a discussion about how  we should protect ourselves online.


Our 3 main discussion points were:

  • Never give away personal information online.
  • Never speak to strangers online!
  • Never share any images/texts/words that you wouldn't say in the real world.


Year 6 had some excellent discussions and were shocked to learn that things leave a trail  on the internet. Also- did you know that future employers could look on your social media? Are you sending out the best version of yourself in to the global world?

E-Safety Afternoon


Year 5 and Year 6 both learnt about their  'Digital Footprint' and that where ever they visit  online, they leave a trail. We thought about the social media we use and  made pledges on how we should keep safe!