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Class 7

WOW! What a fantastic Internet Safety Day. We had a fun-filled day, packed full of activities, to think about how we can be safe online.


Can you remember any of the rules?

How can you be safe online?

Why do you love the internet?


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Today Class 7 had a little chat reminding them how to stay safe when on the internet :)

Internet Safety Day

Class 7 have been busy looking at who is an online stranger. We watched a clip about Lee and Kim playing a game called Animal Magic and how they found out about strangers. We thought carefully about how to stay safe when we are on the internet. Look at some of our posters! Stay Safe!

E-safety - School Rules 

Today the children went on a technology hunt-identifying examples of technology & its uses in different areas of the school. We discussed school rules on the use of technology in school and talked about the Wyburns E-safety agreement.