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Eco News

Gardening Club - March 2020

Eco Visiting the School Allotment

Walk to School Competition Winners

Well done to everyone who entered the Walk to School Competition.

Here are our winners:

1st place - Phoebe

Runners up - Zach and Grace

A brilliant achievement!

Eco Team and Competition Winners

Our Eco Race data is in! Keep on walking, scooting or biking to school everyone!

Check out our Eco Race percentages! We have so many people walking now, keep it up!

Mr Broad came in to visit us to explain all the exiting events at Hadleigh Park! He also promoted biking to school and the benefits. Keep cycling or scooting to school Wyburns!


Well done Wyburns!!!!! We have been awarded the Bronze Modeshift award for travelling to school sustainably. Let's keep going so we can get silver!

Eco Warriors have been busy locating funding for a compost bin! They wrote a letter to the local garden centre Alton's explaining how having a compost bin would really reduce he amount of rubbish we produce as a school. Alton's then kindly donated a brand new compost bin to our school. It has been installed on the Key Stage 1 playground. Go Eco!


Thank you everyone for such wonderful upcycling competition entries! The winners have been awarded with their prizes and certificates. Check out some below.