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At Wyburns, we pride ourselves in delivering a Creative Curriculum. The children will be delving in to many exciting topics as they start this September and continue through the year.


Having achieved Rights Respecting Schools Level 1, we aim to link our teaching and learning to these rights as much as possible. We also ensure that the children have a wide range of social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities throughout each subject. The rights can be seen in red and the links to SMSC in purple.


Please click on the attachment below to find out exactly what the children will be learning about! We look forward to another exciting year ahead!


smiley The termly parent overview for each class can be found in the Class Pages smiley

Our Curriculum


At Wyburns we teach an exciting themed curriculum. Key skills and knowledge are outlined for each class, each term, and teachers plan an engaging theme that links skills for a cross-curricular approach. This cross-curricular planning is welded together through the teaching of English, Maths and Computing, with a focus on the key elements of grammar, spelling, punctuation, rapid mental calculations and maths in context; preparing our children as leaders of the future.

We promote independence in thought and action, and British values - spiritual, moral, social and cultural - underpin all that we do.

Every child has brilliance inside them; we endeavour to provide as many opportunities for this to shine through as possible, and celebrate when it does.

Every child is individual; our approaches to teaching, the interventions we offer and the wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities we provide support and encourage this.

We want every child to love learning and to develop a thirst for enquiry in an environment where it is safe to be wrong in the journey to get it right!  surprise



Whole School Curriculum 2018/2019

Working towards.....


Please find below some summary posters that show the skills for each year group that the children will work on throughout all three terms.  These may, where necessary, be supplemented by some from the year below, if there are any specific gaps that individual pupils need to work on.

Assessment Without Levels

Please find the presentation and information leaflet below.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to pop in and speak to us.