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Philharmonia 2014

Wyburns At Grove School Philharmon 1.mp3

Wyburns' Musical Masterpiece!



What a fantastic opportunity. Our musical team spent the day at Grovewood Primary, with children from 8 primary schools and the musical masters from Fitz.
The Fitz pupils led the day, under the direction of a very important conductor from the Philharmonic!


Everyone worked hard and their success was celebrated in an outstanding performance to families at the end of the day.
Well done everyone.  crying


Our children said...
All day I was practicing songs with everyone. At the end there was a big performance and everybody said it was fantastic!  S. smiley
I really loved it. I played my guitar and I loved learning different tunes. It was outstanding. The Fitz people were really nice. Thank you. L. smiley
It was fun playing piano in a group. T. smiley
The concert was great because I like playing the piano and all that they showed me. A. smiley
I loved the concert because I love playing the guitar and doing it in front of all the adults. M.blush
We learnt the A minor cord, and we gave a really big performance! J.  smiley