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Positive Mental Health

Intent – What do we want to achieve at Wyburns?

At Wyburns we are committed to encouraging our whole community to have positive mental health. This includes staff, parents and children. We aim for everyone to have a positive sense of well – being, to be able to enjoy life and deal with challenges with resilience, being able to express their feelings and emotions in an appropriate and secure manner.

Implement – How Wyburn’s is promoting positive mental health for children, parents and teachers.


How are children’s positive mental health encouraged?

yes“Sensory Circuit” is set up every morning for any children that need time to reflect and focus before they start their school day.


yesZone of Regulation in each classroom. Children can talk about their emotions throughout the day and explain how they are feeling relating to colours. If a child is particular worried or anxious, then there is a space in each class they can visit, play with sensory toys and relax before starting to learn.


yesClass Buddies - Children given the opportunity to write their worries or positives and put in their class worry buddy. This was a strategy designed and promoted by our very own the school governors. This helps children talk about their worries. A worry shared is a worry halved.


yesA learning mentor has been appointed for any children who need a chat. Mrs Clark  mentors and supports children, parents and teachers four mornings a week.


yesLunchtimes can be a difficult time for lots of children. Wyburns have appointed a Mentor exclusively for lunchtimes. Mrs Beale supports children's well- being during lunchtimes. Behaviour is monitored and supported with structures games in place.


yesPositive Pat – if anyone has made you feel positive about yourself. Tell Positive Pat, these  will be shared in brilliance assembly. If positive pat receives 500 notes by December, the whole school will be rewarded with a smile day.


yesResilience is taught across all the curriculum. We will face challenges, we will have difficulties but we will combat these challenges positively.


yesAll children’s abilities are celebrated each week during our brilliance assembly. Wyburns is known for recognising every child’s individual talent. Whether this maybe something they complete at home, their academic ability or a talent. Wyburns Got Talent is an event that happens every year to celebrate different talents. Let our brilliance shine.


yesLacking in confidence? We hold termly “leadership activities.” E.G A group of children visited a nursing home. Another group of children leads our 'miles of smiles' session with nursery children. They will help children age 3 create a beautiful piece of arts work.


yesWhole school trip to the CLC, where we celebrated our positive mental health.


yesChildren are consistently reminded the importance of being healthy. A healthy lunch is served each day. P.E co ordinates plan and teach our P.E lessons. A wide range of after school clubs are provided to help children stay healthy. It is a known fact that being healthy and exercising regularly can help children’s mental health.


yesFeel Good Friday - Children are given the opportunity to dance, with music on the playground every Friday morning. Research has shown that music and dancing can support a positive mental health.

How is parent’s positive mental health encouraged?


 yes“What are they like?” an open session led by Miss Milner and Mrs Clark where parents can come every Monday 9am - 10am,  no appointed needed. Come in and have a cup of tea and a non-judgemental chat.


yesRegular Parent Questionnaire - giving parents an anonymised survey so parents can talk about what they like  or what they would like the school to improve on. 


yesOpen Door Policy – parents can come and speak to teachers straight after school to discuss any concerns they may have. Parents who may not pick their child up are encouraged to write a note in the home school diary or ring the school if they have any concerns.


yesParent Partnership meetings – An opportunity for parents to share their childrens' goals and abilities with teachers.


yesHeadteacher support – The Headteacher will regularly stand outside to welcome children and parents into school. This gives parents the opportunity to voice any concerns and also for the Headteacher to see if any parents are looking worried. The Headteacher will opening welcome parents, who are having difficulties at home, into the office to talk to and support.


How is staff mental health supported?

yesTeachers are given extra training to help them support all children's emotions in class. A level 3 mental health training has been delivered by the charity ‘Kids inspire.’  


yesStaff meetings have been assigned for a co- coaching session. This is an opportunity for teachers to discuss with other teachers what they are finding hard and find strategies on how they can help solve any difficulties.


yesWyburns has an "talking" culture, where any teachers can come and talk to any members of the SLT about anything and everything.


yesKS1, LKS2 and a UPKS2 manager’s have been appointed, so any teachers can discuss any problems and support new teachers to Wyburns and NQT'S.


yesWork Life Balance strategies are consistently reminded during staff meetings to help the workload.


yesMarking policy has been altered to help teachers workload.


yesSchool has funded supervision sessions, for any staff who need to confidently offload or talk through any concerns they may have.


Impact – How are these strategies impacting our school?

yesA recent parent survey said “there is a focus on children’s happiness which subsequently helps them to learn. I love this school.”


yesPupils are becoming ready for the next stage of their education. They have the knowledge and the skills to face challenges and becoming resilient to day to day problems.


yesThere is a calm and orderly environment throughout the school. This has had a positive impact on the whole school -ensuring there is a positive learning climate.


yesThe 'listening' climate, ensuring teachers and children can talk and explain their feelings has created a climate full of respect. The children feel safe. (feedback from parents surveys)


 yesA teacher survey completed in September 2019 showed that all staff agreed and strongly agreed that “leaders do all they can to ensure the school has a motivated, respected and effective teaching staff.”


yesThe same survey showed that 92% felt well supported when working at the school. One staff said “Wyburns leaders do their upmost to not only ensure the happiness and well-being of the children, but of all the staff. I am a very proud member of the Wyburn’s staff and love the atmosphere here.' All staff agreed and strongly agreed that their well-being in considered throughout.


yesA parent survey in March 2019 feedback said that “their open door policy, very family friendly, encouraging children’s resilience to be the best they can be.”