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World Book Day

Wyburns had a fantastic fun-filled day to celebrate World Book Day. The hall was turned into a merchandise store linked to the children's favourite books.  The parents were invited to come and have a look and they were blown away by the sheer brilliance and creativity. We love to do things different here at Wyburns and this event was one of the very best. Well done everyone for making it such a great success.


As well as the exhibition the children also had the opportunity to work with another class. We had drama, puppet making, story cubes and many other wonderful activities. 


Well done Wyburns. Another memorable book day.




Exhibition  1
Exhibition  2
Exhibition  3
Exhibition  4
Exhibition  5
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Exhibition  7
Exhibition  8
Exhibition  9
Exhibition  10
Exhibition  11
Exhibition  12
Exhibition  13
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Exhibition  22
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