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Packed Lunch Plot Competition


We are entering the Growing Communities ‘Packed Lunch Plot’ Competition. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Think about what vegetable, fruit or herbs that could easily be grown at home or at school and could be used to make the perfect packed lunch.
  2. Select the produce and design your plot. (plot is 1m x 1m)
  3. Use your produce to create an item or ‘dish’ for your packed lunch. You can also use additional ingredients for example: pasta, bread, couscous, meat, fish and seasoning!
  4. Tell us about your creation.
  5. Fill out your details on the back of the sheet.

Try to think of some new and exciting ideas for packed lunches and create an explosion for the taste buds! Also, think about what season your produce will be harvested in- they need to be harvested at the same time.

Welcome Back!!!


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and didn't eat to many sweets. I would just like to say 'Thank You' for the generous gifts and cards, they are all so lovely :)


I'm sure you all feel refreshed and ready to show some more BRILLIANCE in class 1, as we have lots of incredible activities planned this term.


I look forward to hearing about all your presents

See you soon

Miss Salter :)