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Class 7

Friday 16th November 2018


Another week on division, another week of Class 7 smashing it! You have all worked your socks off and we are so proud of you all. All of you exceeding your personal learning targets. You have amazed with your knowledge and understanding of passive voice in English this week. We look forward to reading your Viking newspaper article, which you will be producing next week. In art, you became clay specialists and we loved seeing you working with your learning partner, being resilient and mastering your creative skills. 


All of you have a SPAG.com and Rock Stars Timestables log in. We expect you to all log on to both sites as they will aid your understanding and practise key skills both within grammar and mental arithmetic. 


Have a fab weekend Team Awesome! 


See you bright and early on Monday morning, 


Miss Fox and Mrs Bealesmileysmiley

Design & Technology- Woodwork Cars

Design & Technology- Woodwork Cars  1
Design & Technology- Woodwork Cars  2
Design & Technology- Woodwork Cars  3
Design & Technology- Woodwork Cars  4

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Here are a few examples of our war-inspired poetry.


The Germans Did That 

By Lottie 


I fall, I destroy, I kill. 

I watch the young, innocent children sob into their dirty, scratched hands. 

But the foe only send me down for the thrill of watching the British run.

Trying to escape before I land. 

Oh the guilt I feel when I see this. 

The Germans did that. 


I am like a bee, dying when I hurt people,

But I don't want you to see.

People now fear me, 

The Germans caused that. 


I can't stop the future, 

But I would if I could. 

My heavy materials guards the toxic poisons inside me, 

But although they are very heavy, I still can't hold the poison in when I land. 

The Germans made that. 


Hand in hand, the soldiers march, 

Carrying their heavy guns. 

When they see me they sigh, 

Knowing that they will die. 

I am no longer a perfectly smooth, filled with poison and round bomb, 

But an exploded destroyer, and all that is inside of me now is sorrow and emptiness.

The Germans did all of this. 


Explosive Mayhem

By Liam 


Dropping from a plane,

I know it sounds lame. 

It is devastating really, 

All the lives nearly gone... I said nearly. 


I cause people's death, 

People called Bob and Jeff. 

You may think I am savage, 

But this power I can't manage. 

This sounds crazy, 

But bombs are very lazy. 


I am included in wars a lot, 

Why can't they have a tank or a robot? 

Some call me a sky-diver, 

Can't I be a car- driver? 

Sorry to all the people in this war, 

I am angry that my job is obviously breaking the law. 

Friday 9th November 2018 


WOW! What a brilliant week Class 7 have had once again. This week we have tackled long division. We were a little nervous to begin with, but once we came to terms with the different methods our confidence blossomed. Well done to you all for working your socks off and having a go at tacking every challenge that we gave you this week. Our focus in our English lessons has been war poetry. At the beginning of the week we looked at various blackout poems and then used a famous poem to create a very own blackout poem. By the end of the week, we had planned and created a group poem to remember the fallen soldiers. We will  be presenting some of these poems in Monday's assembly, which will have the theme of Remembrance Sunday. If that wasn't enough brilliance, we have also been super successful in our creative curriculum. This week we have created watercolour masterpieces of dragon's eyes and also understand the parts of the heart. 


Remember to keep looking each week on SPAG.com for different grammar tests and also practise your times tables. 


Have a fab weekend! 


Miss Fox & Mrs Beale smileysmiley

Rayleigh Lights


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Year 6 are singing at the Rayleigh Lights on 29th November 2018.


We are on stage at 4.10pm (we're second) Please come and support us. no


Children can wear something Christmassy as well as their uniform. cheeky

Beowulf Motivational Speeches

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Friday 2nd November 2018


What a fantastic week Class 7 have had! In our English, they finished their motivational speeches and performed them to the whole class using a green screen. In maths, the pupils have been experimenting with various methods to tackle multiplication calculations. If this wasn't enough, the children have started our new science topic about the human body.


We would like to take the opportunity to remind you to read, practise your times tables and remember how brilliant you are!


Have a fab weekend!


Miss Fox and Mrs Beale smileysmiley

Friday 19th October 2018 


'You are capable of amazing things'


Dear Class 7,

WOW! What a half term! You have all worked so hard and we are both so proud of you and your achievements. Well done for being resilient this week with all your assessments. Your homework over the half term is to practise your times tables and your spellings. Our focus in maths when we come back is multiplication and division, therefore your knowledge of times tables will have a big impact on your understanding. We have attache the speedy tables document and we would like you to complete three of these. Additionally, pick three different times tables and practise using the grids below. If you are wanting to challenge yourself click on the times tables extension. Finally, remember to do lots of reading!



We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you on Monday 29th October.


Miss Fox and Mrs Beale smileysmiley

Year five remember your outdoor clothes on Monday for Prince William award.Thanks all. 

English Homework- Hyphens & Dashes

Friday 28th September


Another week completed, another week bursting with brilliance! We were so impressed with the quality of your kennings poetry. You all successfully applied your knowledge of hyphens and effective vocabulary. In maths, we were astonished with your resilience and confidence at challenging yourselves in our Roman numerals investigation. Finally, you had your creative hats on this afternoon and created some wonderful graffiti art. Go Team Awesome!


Have a fantastic weekend- remember homework is always put on the website. Any questions or problems please come and speak to one of us.


See you bright and early on Monday.


Miss Fox & Mrs Beale smileysmiley

21.9.18 Relative Clause Homework



What a week Class 7! We have been so impressed with your resilience in our maths lessons. You have all challenged yourself with our different pizza challenges! In our English lessons, you have successfully used ISPACE to generate interesting sentence openers and are now becoming confident in creating suspense in your work. 


Go Team Awesome!cheeky


We hope you have a fab weekend! See you Monday! 

Miss Fox and Mrs Beale smileysmiley

14.9.18 Homework



Class 7, what a fab week we've had! You have really impressed us with your confidence, resilience, team work skills this week.  Your homework this week, has been given our in paper form but from next week it will put on our class page every Friday. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


See you bright and early on Monday morning. 


Miss Fox & Mrs Beale smileysmiley

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