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Class 3


Class 3 had their first swimming lesson this week. It was a beautiful sunny day and the pool was so inviting. The children could not wait to jump in!  Everybody had a great time and can't wait to swim again next Wednesday.

noWell done to Marcus and Alfie for being in  the top five students at Wyburns for  29-4-14 for the UK National Maths Contest. Keep up the good work on Sumdog, it could be you next week!        

Tennis Coaching

On Friday we were visited by Ryan and Paul who showed us some tennis skills which we practised and then had a Tennis cricket competition where we scored points for the distance the ball was hit (provided it stayed in the court of course!)  

The results were very close with one team scoring 145 and the other 130. Well done class three for your excellent behaviour and team spirit. Look at our action photos below.


We had a great day today celebrating St. George's Day.   

First we tried to make as many words as we could from the letters in 'St. George's Day'. then we found the Cities and Counties of England.

We cracked a code to find out some interesting facts about St. George.

We located co-ordinates and coloured squares to create pictures of  St. George and the dragon. Some of us helped the squire to deliver the sword to the knight by counting in steps of 4 to 400 . We then helped the knight to find the king by counting in steps of 3 to 300 and the princess by counting in steps of 6 to 600 and steps of 7 to 700. 

We carried out some problem solving activities which we found quite challenging but we persevered.

a)Dragon food - The villagers decided to sacrifice all the animals that they had to the dragon, they had to count them all. Unfortunately, in their panic they made a mess of the counting. We helped them work out how many animals they had using the clues.

b)Dragon Lottery - In the story of Saint George and the Dragon, the villagers entered a very unlucky lottery every day to decide the next person to be sacrificed to the dragon. We used the clues to work out the numbers that belonged to each of the villagers. 

Some of us also tried our hand at some Dragon logic puzzles, if you didn't get a chance in class I have attached a copy below for you to print out.

We also created 'Knight addition pyramids' where we started with numbers at the bottom of the pyramid and had to work our way to the top. Alternatives are to start with a number at the top or have random numbers in the pyramid to then fill in the missing numbers. Below are links to a blank worksheet for you to build your own pyramids and links to an interactive game and website for printing pre-made pyramids. I hope you enjoy these.

In the afternoon we listened to the story of George and the Dragon and we looked at different images of the dragon. We compared these images to other images of mythical creatures that we have looked at during our learning about Myths and Legends. We then decided to create our own mythical creatures. Watch out for pictures of our creatures coming soon. Some look quite scary !

Bollywood Dancing Extravaganza!


We had great fun when Indi visited us to teach us to dance.

Our favoutite move was called 'Changing the lightbulb'.

no  Well done to Lilly for being one of the top 5 students in Wyburns for the  22-4-2014 for Sumdog's UK National Maths Contest.   smiley       no         

noWell done to Class 3 for all your hard work on Sumdog. 

       Our class have two children who have been ranked in the top five competitors

       for the weeks of 18-3-14 and 25-3-14 Lois,  and week of 8-4-14 Scarlett.

      Well done to both of you.  no                                                                                                                         

Wyburns Got Talent competition


        Well done to Jake who came 3rd in the LKS2 section.        

                                                          What a star performer!       


  Well done also to Freya and Thomas O. for being voted by the class to take part in

  the final and for your performances on the day.

School Councillors message 

Remember to bring in your suggestions for a title for our school newspaper and put your jokes in the suggestion box. Thank you.

We had a great Science Week!

Moon rocks arrive in class 3!

We were very excited when the moon rocks arrived in our class. We all held the nickel-iron meteorite and looked at regolith (lunar dust). We also learnt about the space race to the moon.


Crater Investigation

The dark circles which can be seen on the moon are craters. A crater is a hollow on the surface of the moon. These craters were formed millions of years ago when meteorites  hit the Moon's surface. The impact of the meteorites caused the hollows to form and some of the surface to be thrown up and out around the crater.  


We decided to investigate if the height the 'meteorite' fell or the  size/weight of the 'meteorite' effected the size of the crater formed.

We filled some trays with flour and sieved some drinking chocolate over the flour to simulate the surface of the moon. We dropped the same 'meteorite' from different heights and different sized 'meteorites' into the flour from a set height. We measured the diameter and depth of the craters and then looked at our results to form a conclusion.

We found that the heavier the 'meteorite' and the greater the height the 'meteorite' fell from then the deeper the crater formed. This helped us to understand why the craters on the moon are all different sizes.

Look at our pictures to see our investigation.



Eggstronaut testing


We tested our eggstronauts by dropping them from 2m onto the playground floor.  Look at our pictures to see which landed in one piece, and more importantly,  whose egg survived!

Although some of our eggstronauts looked successful, when we opened them up the eggs inside were cracked or broken. We also had a few that fell out of the eggstronaut.wink

Rocket Day -


Today we were visited by Out of this World Learning who started the day with an interactive presentation about rockets.

Then they came to the classroom and showed us how to make a rocket.


We were then asked which would make the rocket fly the furthest, small or large fins. Half the class made small fins and half the class made large fins for their rockets. Finally we went outside to test the rockets. Look at our rocket success below!

Did you spot our rockets in the sky? They were amazing. The rockets with the smallest fins flew the highest because they met less air resistance than the rockets with the larger fins.

We had a great time.smiley

Eggstronauts  have arrived in class 3! We cannot wait until we test them out.

Next week is Science week

Remember to bring your eggstronauts into school on Monday 17th March. During the week we will be testing the eggstronauts to find a class winner that will go forward to the whole school competition on Friday 21st March. Good luck class 3!smiley

We will also be carrying out some exciting activities including a rocket workshop  and the chance of a lifetime to see  some real moon rock  which was brought back from the moon by Neil Armstrong. This is a treat that we are so lucky to experience.


World Book Day Bookmark Competition

Remember to enter the bookmark competition. If you are the overall winner your bookmark design will be printed and sent to bookshops. Book marks need to be back in school by Monday 17th March.

This week:

In English we are looking at Myths starting with

Theseus and the Minotaur





Apollo and the Chimera

The children will be reading and comparing these myths and looking particularly at the text features of a Myth. The children have been asked to try to find some more Myths at home and bring them into school to share with the class. 

lookitup         World Book Day         lookitup


Well done Class 3 for dressing up, we had some great characters from the children's favourite books.  Look at our pictures below.

Toss a pancake smiley   Shrove Tuesday     Toss a pancake smiley

Today we found out what Christians do on Shrove Tuesday . We  made pancakes and  wrote instructions for making them too.  After sampling our pancakes we went outside for a pancake race. Look at the pictures below to see how good we were at tossing our pancakes.

We did have a little problem with our pancake race.  Only one team managed to keep their pancake whole!    wink

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Three members of class 3 took part in the Cross country running competition and ran brilliantly to come 3rd, 26th and 33rd. Well done, terrific running in spite of the very muddy conditions. We are very proud of you.

I hope you had a lovely half term and you are looking forward to all of the exciting things we are going to be doing in the run up to Easter! It was great to hear all your holiday news and that you appreciated the sun!

Mrs Barber

no  Exciting news from Sumdog:


Animals game is now available to all Sumdog users.

Every time you answer correctly, you'll get half - yes, half - an animal. The aim is to put together the best hybrid you can - so, for example, a cheet-olphin would score well for speed, while a Rhi-phant would be very strong... 

Play Animals today! no

 no I have just received the e-mail below from Sumdog (18-2-14)

Just some information on how Wyburns Primary School students are doing so far in Sumdog's UK National Maths Contest.

Your top students are:

  • LoisA - 830 questions correct
  • RafaelA - 811 questions correct
  • LouieA - 808 questions correct
  • DylanM - 791 questions correct
  • BenC - 585 questions correct

Well done class 3 , four out of five top students are in our class!   

laugh  Newsflash   laugh

Today our classroom was invaded by Minions and all in aid of our Big Write. 

The minions all had their own style, character and name.

Look at our classes amazing Celtic Roundhouses. Everybody has worked so hard.

Celtic Roundhouses

mailWow! The children's Celtic houses are amazing. Thank you for all your support in making these models. Watch this space for photographs coming soon.mail
noWe were delighted to find out that we were joint winners of the good manners certificate this week. It's lovely to hear that the class are being so kind to each other at lunchtimes- well done year 3!no
We had great fun taking part in the Penalty shoot organised by Southend United Football Club.

Elvis and Sammy tried to save our goals!

smileyJust a reminder that the Celtic Roundhouse models and the children's writing are due back at school on Monday 10th February. I can't wait to see all the children's fantastic creations. Also don't forget to bring some rocks to school for our science work next week (please wash the rocks with soapy water before bringing into school - thank you). smiley

The children have been busy  researching about aspects of Roman life such as:

Roman Art



Roman Army

Roman Baths

Entertainment and Food



Roman buildings - homes

They will be using the information to write a non-chronological report.

Below are some links to useful websites for the children to learn more about Roman life and also a quiz to see how much they have learned so far.

In maths this week we have been looking at fractions of shapes and numbers. We have also looked at comparing and ordering different fractions and identifying equivalent fractions.

Don't forget to practise your times tables as we have used them a lot during our fraction work. Below is a good website with times tables games to play.

The children are very busy at the moment creating their own beautiful Islamic geometric designs  that we have seen when looking at the inside of the Mosque in RE.  Watch this space for pictures as soon as the children have finished.



smiley   I am so excited and can't wait to see the children's Celtic Roundhouses that they have been building for homework. The children have been telling me all about their designs, what they have used  and how they have been constructing them. Roll on Monday 10th February!

The children have been working hard on their Celtic weaving and are making very good progress. See for yourself in the slideshow below.

This term our theme is 'Rocking Romans'.

The children are beginning our theme by learning about the Celts who were in Britain before the Romans invaded. So far we have looked at pictures of Celts and Celtic objects and discussed  what these pictures tell us about the Celts and their way of life. We discovered that the Celts often had looms in their homes for weaving and they liked to use bright colours for their clothes. The  children have designed patterns which we are going to try and weave, just like the Celts. Wish us luck!

 The children have been asked to complete a homework project on Celtic Roundhouses which is due in on Monday 10th February. Here are a few websites that will help you.

In Science the children are learning about rocks. Last week the children became Rock Detectives to see if  they could spot how materials from rocks are used inside, outside and around our school. Here are some of the materials we found. (Please ignore date on slides I inserted new batteries into camera and forgot to adjust the date, sorry!)

Materials made from rocks.

Welcome to Class 3!


cheeky  Welcome to our new website and our very own class page!  cheeky

You can visit our page to see all our exciting class news and pictures of things we have done. If you have any ideas for this page? Why not let me know!

I hope you enjoy our page.

Mrs Barber