Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


Good Morning all!

I can't believe it is already Thursday - it is flying by! Some fabulous challenges being set for Friday (one of them is the same as a challenge I've got for today! Great minds think alike :))

I am loving the tidy bedrooms - make sure you send today's evidence in!


See you all at 11am :)

Challenge 1 - 11am

Your first challenge this morning is to create a quiz round for Friday evening. I am looking for a round with 5 questions in it on a subject of your choice. It could be a picture round, sports, TV programmes, music intros, the decision is yours. Please send to me at FAO Year 6 team

You can write the text on an email, send a Powerpoint slide or a word doc. Anything is fine.


Thanks everyone :)


See you all at 1pm



Challenge 2 - 1pm


Your quiz rounds are fabulous! Keep them coming!

This next challenge is more physical! We would like you to create an obstacle course with 10 obstacles. It can be inside or out (up to you!) once your course is set, time yourself and another member of your family. Who was the quickest? What things did you include?  Don't forget to video/take a photo of you in action for our evidence!


Melanie had the same idea for her challenge on Friday so I will attach her powerpoint too!


Have fun guys and see you at 3pm for a super double challenge!

Challenge 3 - 3pm


You have two challenges for the rest of today!

First challenge - write a slogan for Wyburns Primary School and send it in to us :)


Second challenge - Make pizza (can use a slice of bread/pitta/muffin/bagel/dough) created by you (no boxed ready made ones!) for you and someone living in your house. Let's see your creative toppings!


Fab job today guys! We'll see you all tomorrow at 11am!


Have fun!