Primary School

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Summer 2 - Week 5

Another week complete!


We have had a wonderful week with many highlights, including Sports Day 2023 - A massive well done to our winners, the Red Team, but also a massive well done to everyone who took part!


In our maths, we have begun working on time. We have looked at days of the week and months of the year and used catchy tunes to help us remember them. Here's the one we used for the months...


In English, our fairy tale prep work is well under way! We have created our main character and villains as well as describing them. We also practised verbs and created our own verb hunt. First, we all wrote down as many verbs in as many places as we could on the playground using chalk. Then, we ran around the playground finding the verbs people had written them and acted them out. Here are some photos of the fun!