Primary School

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Week 4 - People who help us

Hi Acorns, 


This week we have had some fantastic visitors! We have been visited by a vet and a nurse, WOW!


The nurse told us all about what she does as a job. The fantastic fact that the skin is the biggest organ and how bandages work. She answered lots of our questions and we had lots of fun with the syringes and water.

We were also visited by a vet. The vet brought with her a dog teddy for us to practise bandaging and a real life tortoise who we got to touch and ask questions. We found out that some animals have to go to special vets if they want to be treated like snakes and lions. We also found out that vets treat lots of animals in different ways and sometimes have to do x-rays to see what’s going on inside. We now know that bandages need at least two layers to keep them in place. We also got to listen to our heartbeats with a piece of equipment called a stethoscope.