Primary School

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Week 3 - 25.9.23

Wonderful work this week Year 2!

In Maths you have all worked very hard to accurately place numbers on a number line, finding numbers that are bigger and smaller than others as well as solving word problems involving number. This has been tricky but you have all shown amazing resilience, well done!  

In English we have begun a new unit working on non-chronological reports where we have explored the features of them.  You have been great at finding the; title, sub-headings, key information, images and much more.  We have begun to learn about the seasons in more detail ready to create a report next week!

In Science we have had amazing results creating an investigation to sail a boat using chosen materials. We have planned the investigation, predicted what we think will happen, written a method and discussed how to make it a fair test.  We then made a boat in teams using junk, sailed them to see which materials were most successful and we were surprised with some boats!  Amazing job Year 2! 

Take a look at some of our amazing photos below from a snippet of our busy week.