Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 2

Home learning Games.


Practise your times tables, your doubling skills or even your halving skills here!


Practise your sentence structure using this game


Practise your reading with OBB and BOB


Practise your typing skills


I cannot wait to hear what games you have played.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Harrison

Healthy Eating

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Unfortunately the other healthy eating videos were too big to upload, but they were brilliant just like these ones.

Healthy Eating

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This week we've been learning all about being healthy and we made some adverts for the telly! They were absolutely fantastic, so I wanted to share them with you. I hope you are as impressed as I was. Well done Class 2. We've had a super week :)

Vile Victorians! 

Wow Class 2! We've had such an exciting first few weeks back and we are enjoying our new topic the Vile Victorians! This week we did some time travelling back to Victorian times; where we went to a Victorian school. It was so scary because the teachers were so mean and the lessons weren't very exciting. We wrote a diary entry all about our time travel adventures using lots of conjunctions. We have been using conjunctions to extend our sentences and make them even better. Keep practising using them to make our writing even more amazing. I'm so pleased with how the term's started and how hard everyone is working. Keep it up :) Don't forget about our DT project either. We are going to be making our own Victorian dolls. We can't wait to show you when they are finished.


Miss Harrison 

Home Learning Friday 9th December

Home learning Friday 11th November - due in by Wednesday 16th November.

What an action packed 7 weeks! Please see bellow for the home learning - have a great break and enjoy finding out about an explorer! 

Class 2 Home Learning

Quick reminder!

Please remember to bring a disposable packed lunch on Friday 14th October, unless you have ordered a white band from school.


We look forward to seeing your brilliance on International Day!

Our Church Visit


Today we walked to the church. We had a fantastic time and we learnt how to Christians value each other. Reverend Phil taught us about special celebrations called Baptism, Weddings and Funerals! We had a pretend wedding and a baptism! We giggled and learnt a lot. Thank you Reverend Phil.

It was fantastic!

Once we have our class consent forms I will post lots more lovely photos.

Miss Beasley

Home Learning Due Wednesday 28th September:


This week we are looking at shapes - 2D and , 3D. Can you find shapes at home? Triangles? Squares? Cuboids? Cones? Spheres? 

In English we are asking questions - who? What?  Where? When? Why? How? Can you find out more about your home by asking questions? laugh

Now we are back int the swing of things you might like to look at this document to get an overview of what we will be doing in Year 2 this term: -




Every week on a Friday you will be set some home learning. This will be handed out in a folder to be completed at home. Each week you will be set something that links to the work you have been doing in class.


The following home learning needs to be handed in on Wednesday 14th September:


'A very Special Person' - a copy of the work sheet is in everyone's home learning folder.



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Welcome Class 2

Welcome back to School! You all look extremely smart in your school uniform. We have had a lovely time reading all about your summer holidays, you have all been very busy. Our first week back was a very busy one. Not only did we make new friends but we also explored a very special box. Inside my special box was someone very special and unique. We guessed who we thought it could be. Some ideas were The Queen, our Mums or even Mrs Sansom.

But sadly we were wrong because the special person inside my box was...


As we opened the box there was a mirror as we looked inside we found that each of us are very special in our own way.

Can you tell your parents what makes you so special? 


Ms Burns and Mrs Clark