Primary School

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Week 1 (6.1.22)

Welcome back, Class 5! 


We are so excited to have the buzz back in the classroom again after the holidays! This week, we have started our journey through Central America. First stop: Xunantunich in Belize! We took a long and arduous plane journey from London Heathrow to Belize, drove our coaches across the rickety, hand-cranked ferry and discovered the beauty that lies throughout the ruins of Xunantunich. Now we can't wait to find out more about the Mayans when they were in their prime!


In maths, we are looking at multiplying up to four digits by one digit and keeping in mind that neatness is a key to success in this process!



Home Learning:


This week, since we have been working on multi digit multiplication, your job is to complete one (or more if you'd like!) of the attachments below.  

Multiplication Game: If you choose to complete the multiplication game, please write down your work as you play to turn in (and take photos of the game being played if possible)! If you choose this option, get as many members of your family as possible during one or more rounds of the game!

Fluency: This option will help you build your speed and gain confidence through simple fluency multiplication.

Challenge: This option will really push your brain to grow and think about multiplication from a new perspective. If you try this out and it's a bit too tricky, no worries! You can always switch back to the fluency sheet!

Happy multiplying!