Primary School

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Home Learning 24.2.23

Your home learning this week is inspired by your engaged learning with measuring. Please see attached your measure activity. If you cannot measure the object at home please do not worry. Apply your knowledge to the object and estimate and then complete the longer and shorter columns 😊
 For a challenge, after you have completed the sheet be investigators at home! If you can, find objects at home and complete these steps.

- Find an object.
- Think to yourself would it best to use a ruler or a metre stick to measure the object you have chosen.
- If you think you can, use a 30cm ruler and if you have one at home please measure accurately starting at 0cm and remember to use the units of measurements cm and mm. However if you do not have a ruler at home please do not worry! Your job  is to estimate.

 Remember, this is only an extra challenge if you would like to challenge yourself and complete.

Have fun!
Please also see attached your spellings and remember to visit sumdog too 😊