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Local School Board

Local School Board 

Wyburns Primary School operates a Local School Board. Those elected to the School board serve in a voluntary capacity.  They are either elected by the parents or their fellow teachers, or are co-opted. As part of the SEAMAT organisation, this board also serves North Crescent Primary School; it is made up of staff and parents and community representatives from both schools.


The Chair of the LSB is Mrs Hina Robinson, the Vice Chair is Mrs Leigh Sellwood. Any correspondence for the Chair can be sent to the the school address; marked Chair of LSB- Confidential. 

The Local School Board is responsible for:


  • Helping establish (with the Headteacher) the aims and policies of the school.
  • Determining how standards can be maintained and improved.
  • Deciding the conduct of the school.
  • Helping to draw up (with the Headteacher and staff) the school development plan.
  • Helping to decide how to spend the school's budget.
  • Making sure the National Curriculum and R.E. are taught.
  • Appointing, promoting and supporting staff.
  • Acting as a link between the community and the school.


The School Board currently meet once every term to conduct the general business of the school.  It's committee's meet more regularly.


Our Local School Board


Co-opted  (Chair)               - Mrs H. Robinson

Staff         (Vice Chair)        - Mrs L. Sellwood

Executive Head teacher      - Mrs K. Sansom

School Lead                       - Mrs A Griffin 

TBC  NCP                          - Election underway

Parent NC                         - Mr R Chudleigh 

Parent WPS                      - Mrs A. Lloyd

Staff                                  - Mrs J Wood

Staff - Observer WPS        - Miss J. Milner

Staff -Observer NCPS       - Miss K. Tucker

Partnership                       - Mr S. O'Donohoe

Associate                          - Mr D. Windle

Clerk                                - Ms S. Irvin

There are no interests to declare.