Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

12th June

Welcome to our first virtual Brilliance Assembly!


Let's start off with a song... Hold back the...


Wow! What a week packed full of brilliance. We have launched our amazing Google classroom- thank you all for testing this out and helping us sort some teething problems! You have shown your brilliance as well as your amazing computing skills. Miss Harrison is extremely proud!





Next up, some WOW moments of the week...


Moving on to... Brilliance Certificates! 


Acorns Bubble- Charlie


Acorns Home Learning- Lilia 


Class 1 Bubble 3- Harry


Class 1 Bubble 5- Maisie


Class 1 Home Learning- Kamil and Izzy


Class 2- Elouisa and Oscar


Class 3- Ronnie and Kacie


Class 4- Annabel and Ethan


Class 5- Zain and Melanie


Class 6- Will and Hannah


Class 7- Elliott and Freddy


Key Worker Bubble 1- Louie


Key Worker Bubble 2- Jessica


Your certificates will be emailed to you!


Have you seen our smilie tally chart ? I know lots of you have been awarded with smilies this week! What did you get yours for?


This week our Brilliance Cup for the most smilies goes to...


Have a super week everyone! See you on google classroom.. remember I can't do it... YET!