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9.10.2020 Home Learning

Hi Acorns, 


The last few weeks we have been working really hard on listening out for rhyming words. As we love stories so much, we would love you to listen to this fabulous story ' A Monster Surprise' (Link below). See if you can listen really carefully for those rhyming words and practise writing down a few. If you would like an extra challenge, pick a word and see if you can come up with other words that rhyme with it. 


In phonics, we have been working on the sounds and letter formation of:

 c, k, ck, e and u

Please practise at home writing and pronouncing the sounds as much as you can. This can be using chalk, pens, pencils, paint or even in the mud. 

Have a go at the I spy and read games attached below. 

Our tricky word was:



Please send home learning to

Another week of brilliant home learning! Thank you all for your fabulous work. 

Have a lovely weekend! smiley