Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

The Impact

Impact – How are these strategies impacting our school?

A recent parent survey said “there is a focus on children’s happiness which subsequently helps them to learn. I love this school.”


Pupils are becoming ready for the next stage of their education. They have the knowledge and the skills to face challenges and becoming resilient to day to day problems.


There is a calm and orderly environment throughout the school. This has had a positive impact on the whole school -ensuring there is a positive learning climate.


The 'listening' climate, ensuring teachers and children can talk and explain their feelings has created a climate full of respect. The children feel safe. (feedback from parents surveys)


 A teacher survey completed showed that all staff agreed and strongly agreed that “leaders do all they can to ensure the school has a motivated, respected and effective teaching staff.”


The same survey showed that 92% felt well supported when working at the school. One staff said “Wyburns leaders do their upmost to not only ensure the happiness and well-being of the children, but of all the staff. I am a very proud member of the Wyburn’s staff and love the atmosphere here.' All staff agreed and strongly agreed that their well-being in considered throughout.


A parent survey feedback said that “their open door policy, very family friendly, encouraging children’s resilience to be the best they can be.”