Primary School

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Autumn 1 - Week 6

What a fabulous week of fun!


We have done lots of wonderful things this week in all areas of the curriculum.


In our English, we all became the little red hen and worked together to bake two delicious loaves of bread. Since it is currently the Jewish festival of Sukkot, we opted for challah bread. This was a HUGE hit and we all thought it was delicious. We were glad there was enough for us to have another piece! Here are some pictures of the process and some photos of us enjoying the bread. We have also put the recipe on here in case any of us want to make it again at home.


In our maths, we have now begun applying our place value to addition. In the photos below, you can see us experimenting with part whole models. The two parts must add together to make the whole, but we also learnt that you can have as many parts as possible, as long as they equal the whole.

smiley Check back next week to see what we have been up to  smiley