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Spring 1 Music

Spring 1 Music – Making Music as a Band

This term, Class 1 became one big band! We worked together on a song called ‘In The Groove’. We first had to appraise the music.

First, we focussed on the pulse of music. We did some fun exercises in order to help us learn more about this, moving our body to the same rhythm as the pulse. Check out the video! We then applied it to the piece of music that we were using.

We also did some fun warm up vocal exercises. You can see a video of us doing this below. This helped us to see how we can move the tone and pitch of our voices up and down and we linked this to ‘notes’ when playing music.

The next step was to learn the song, which we did by practising hard. We needed to remember that the fifth line always had a part that went higher than the rest.

Then, FINALLY, it was time…for the glockenspiels! We were SO excited that our band was about to use REAL instruments and couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. First, we got to have a little investigate to listen to the sounds the different keys made. We found that the smaller the key was, the higher it sounded! We have included a nice twinkly video of the sounds that could be heard when we were investigating.

After this, it was time for the serious business! We had to follow on screen the correct keys to tap and the correct time. We had to think carefully not only about when to tap them, but how hard to do it. Too hard and it was too loud, too soft and it couldn’t be heard. Once we had practised, it was time for the final performance! This time, the noted were not on screen and we had to remember them ourselves!

Make sure to watch our final performance – You’re in for a real treat! We are all super proud of how hard we worked and as a band, we think we ROCK!


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Warming up our voices.mp4

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Final Performance.mp4

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