Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Home Learning

Over the next two weeks, please complete the maths by choosing a chili level (mild, medium or hot) using one of the strategies you've used in class. 
For the English, please write a letter to your future self (January 2024!) explaining what new year's resolution you are going to take on this year, why you've chosen it and what steps you are going to take to achieve this goal. 

As always, you can complete your work through google docs, google slides or on paper.

Below is attached a list of New Year's resolution ideas if you're feeling a bit stuck :)

Hi Class, 

This week your task is to write a pen pal letter if you haven't already. (We've gotten a bit behind on these!)


In your letter, you could tell the Washington class about you, your favourite foods, hobbies, school subjects, etc. You could also talk about your family, pets or holiday traditions. 


Remember your letter can be written by hand or created on a google doc or google slide.


If you have already written a pen pal letter, you may choose to write another one talking specifically about what you like to do during the winter/holiday season OR you can write a setting description for the photo attached.


Over the next two weeks, you task is to 
1. Complete a grammar quiz on using the username and password located in your partnership book 
2. Complete maths reasoning for multiples and factors attached

Remember! Multiples multiply and you can use factor bugs to help visualise!

7/10/22 - 20/10/22