Primary School

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Asking for resources

Hello I am again asking for some resources from home to help with up coming art projects for the children

I know it is a lot to ask but we are trying to get as much for the art already as we can in school but there is a lot to get ready.

So it would be a great help if you could you please send in one (if you have more great!) pringles tube - it must have the lid but does not need the foil seal.


Also we need just one brightly coloured ball of thin wool. If everyone brings in one then the children can borrow from each other if they want to.


Finally will will also need a 750 ml plastic, empty water bottle - for another different project

I do hope that you can help in this matter and send the items in asap particularly the Pringles tube as we will need them at the end of the week. Thanks.

Much appreciate any that you can find.

Miss Welsh