Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 7

Thank you!


Thank you so much for the lovely gifts that Mrs Howes and I received!


Thank you for such a brilliant year Class 7, you have well and truly made my year amazing! I wish you good luck in your new classes, I know you will continue to burst will brilliance! smiley

Quick reminders!


We can't believe we only have 1 week left, where has the time gone?!

Just a few reminders before the end of term :)


-The children will need a strong bag to take their work and exercise books home on Friday; this will ensure that their hard work gets home safely!


-Our Key Stage One party is on Monday - Children will be able to bring in clothes to change in to after lunch if they wish to do so!


-We will be collecting the children's reading and library books towards the end of the week to ensure that they are all back before the end of the year. However, we are encouraging the children to continue reading at home wherever and whenever they can!


Thank you! :)



Rainbow Fish!


We have been using the story 'Rainbow Fish' as our stimulus for our English lessons this week! We began by acting out the story with class 8, then went on to create shape and acrostic poems based on the story and friendship!


Class 7 have really wowed us with their imaginative ideas and excellent vocabulary to describe what friendship means to them!

What a busy week!

We have been extremely busy this week whilst still working very hard

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Year 6's performance on Tuesday and 

I hope you all enjoyed meeting your new teachers today. It was lovely hearing all about it!


Keep practising the songs ready for our celebration assembly next week :)


Super sports day!

We all such a brilliant sports day and we were so impressed with your resilience!

You were extremely supportive of your peers as well giving each race your all.


Well done Class 7!

Pond dipping!

Wow, we had an amazing afternoon over by the pond, We began by using the net to investigate pond life and then went on to draw what we had found. We were so excited when Joshua caught a newt! After this, we returned all  creatures to their habitat and then  used our magnifying glasses to explore the bug hotel!




Year 2 summer games!


Year 2 had such a brilliant morning at Deanes, taking part in a range of sporting activities to test their agility!

You all represented Wyburns with your resilience, enthusiasm and team work, well done!


Handa's surprise!

We have had a brilliant week looking at the story of 'Hanada's surprise'. We began by retelling the story, went on to design our own fruit and finished the week by planning and evaluating our own fruit salad.


As you can see, we really enjoyed it!


Friday 12th June 2015

     Religious Education

Our new topic within Religious Education will be looking at ‘Special books and stories within a range of religions. To begin this topic, we would like to offer the opportunity for your child to bring in their favourite book or story to share with the class on Friday 12th June. We understand that this may not be possible but would love to hear about what makes their stories special to them.

Thank you.

Key Stage One teachers

Great first week

Class 7 have a had an amazing week! You have all came back with such a positive approach to learning and with lots of exciting stories. You have tried so hard to achieve your targets this week and aim for the challenge; especially with your maths!


Well done Class 7!

Happy half term!


Mrs Howes and I can't believe we only have one half term left!

Thank you for working so hard and we look forward to seeing you when you come back!


Have a lovely half term and stay safe!


Mission complete!


Class 7 were set a range of different missions today including designing a rocket that would fly to moon, creating a list of rules for Gru to follow and finally planning their unique minion planets with chalk on the playground. We had to think about housing, food, water, jobs and lots more!


You have worked so hard all week! Mrs Howes and I can't wait for our minion party and potion making tomorrow!

Wyburns at the movies!

Despicable me!


We have had an amazing week so far with a variety of activities taking place!


We began by watching 'Depsicable Me' and then used this as our stimulus. We have been busy making costumes for our new minions, creating rockets to get Gru to the moon and also making our very own minion cakes today!


Class 7 are bursting with brilliance and are applying their learning to the activities in all subjects!


Keep up the good work!


Crazy cress!

We have been growing our own cress and therefore needed a cool pot to put it in! We designed and made our crazy cress pots using the concertina effect and thinking about applying our previous learning on size and proportion for the face.

We had great fun!

It's a plant thing!


Wow, what a busy day! Class 7 have taken part in lots of fun activities which have helped us to learn more about plants!


We began by searching for the different parts of a plant using the clues. We then had to make a GIANT plant out the different materials!


Next we played some brilliant games to help us understand what plants need to make food and the importance of sugar! We loved the bee game in which we had to collect the pollen and nectar in a relay race!


After lunch we explored the different types of seeds and how they disperse. We then made our own seed helicopter and went on to investigate how far they would fly through the air from Blunt's cottage!


Mrs Howes and I were very proud of how well you conducted yourself throughout the trip! smiley

School trip information


Please be reminded that children are to wear their PE top and school trousers/skirt for the trip on Monday.  Don't forget packed lunches!

Thank you :)

Terrific toys!


This half term we have been focusing on Victorian childhood in our history lessons. We began by empathising with the children when looking at the jobs they had to take on and also the differences between the rich and the poor. Famous Victorians, such as Grace Darling, have also played a part in our lessons!


Today we looked at comparing toys from the past and the present. To help us explore the  similarities and differences, we had the opportunity to play with a range of toys such as diablos, cup and ball, pick-up sticks and  spinning tops. We loved experimenting with the rules of each game!

Class 7's celebration assembly!


Wednesday's celebration assembly was a success due to the hard work and enthusiasm all of Class 7 put in!


You worked as a team to present what you have been learning about and it was really lovely for Mrs Howes and I to see you showing off your brilliance!


Class 7 would like to say a big thank you to everyone that came to share this special morning!

Dough disco!


We had lots of fun on Thursday using the play dough to develop our fine motor skills and improve our handwriting!


We chose a variety of songs to practise to and really enjoyed trying out each new move! smiley



Sumdog is now available as a free android app for Kindle Fire HD6, Nexus 7 2013 and Hudl 2!



Summer Curriculum Overview

Sporting superstars!

We were very lucky today as we took part in lots of different activities with an international gymnast, Danny Lawrence! It was great fun and we really enjoyed the assembly which showed us the specific skills gymnasts have to acquire!


Well done to everyone who took part, it was a brilliant afternoon!

Summer disco!


Wow! What an amazing first week back at school! Mrs Howes and I have been blown away by your brilliance this week. You have worked so hard with a really mature attitude towards learning (as well as having fun of course! smiley)


It was so lovely to see you all enjoying yourself at the disco which was a lovely end to our brilliant week!

Quick reminders!


Please make sure you all bring your PE kits in (indoor and outdoor clothes).


Also, please make sure you are bringing a water bottle in for you to keep in the classroom. We need lots of water to keep our brains working!

Thank you! :)

Get growing!


Thank you so much for the plants that have been brought in today! You have clearly worked extremely hard to look after them over the holidays and we really enjoyed measuring the height of them in maths today!


We will also be using them for our science lessons this week.


If you have not brought a plant in already, but would like to, please bring them in before Wednesday :)


Here are some we measured today!

Happy Easter!


Mrs Howes and I wish you all a Happy Easter!

We hope you have a lovely break!

Well done to you all for working so hard. We can't wait for more brilliance in the summer term! 

Wyburns Got Talent!


Wow, what an amazing afternoon! It was filled with fun and entertainment making it particularly difficult for the judges to make a decision!


Well done to Lottie and Alice for coming 1st in KS1! Your performances were brilliant!




Times tables!


Class 7 are still practicing their 2's, 3's, 5's and 10 times tables but we are also now learning the 4x tables and the 6x tables. We love to sing our tables and therefore are learning 2 new songs :)

The 4x table can be practiced at home which is to the tune of 'Row, row, row your boat'.

The 6x tables song link can be used below!

Solar Eclipse!


We really enjoyed our morning of watching the Solar Eclipse as a whole school. Although it was rather cloudy we still had a brilliant time and wrote some amazing recounts of the events!smiley

Preparing for the Solar Eclipse!


Today we spent part of our afternoon preparing for the Solar Eclipse to really understand what will be happening. After our discussion, we showed what will happen using biscuits (which we all loved) and then made our own models. This included us using torches as the light source and a range of different objects to represent the sun and the earth!


We are really excited for tomorrow!

Rescheduled parent workshop


The parent workshop will be held in the school hall on Wednesday 25th March form 9-10pm :)


Science afternoon - Making waves


We had a fantastic afternoon investigating light with Class 6 through a variety of activities. We made our own shadow puppets and colour wheels to create white light. We also sorted materials in to 3 groups (opaque, transparent and translucent) and experimented with different light sources using prisms and colour paddles in the dark den.


All of the children worked so well together so well done to you all!

Red Nose Day!


Seeing the whole school taking part in raising money for Red Nose Day has been fantastic!

We loved the range of disguises and had lots of fun!

Here is a snapshot of Class 7 in disguise!

Extreme reading!


Thank you for all of the extreme reading photos that have been sent in, they are brilliant! I have been really impressed with how you have been challenging yourself to read a variety of books.

Keep it up!

Year 1's racket festival


The children had a brilliant time at the racket festival on Tuesday, practising lots of different skills. Well done to everyone for being so polite and for representing Wyburns so well!

World book day

Book bonanza!


World book day has been a success! Our morning began with Class 7 cleaning the classroom as if they were Cinderella/Cinderboy. Me and Mrs Howes were very impressed once it was spick and span! We then wrote some amazing diary entries for big write, expressing how we felt!


Later on we joined Class 6 in their classroom den to share our favourite books with our reading buddies. We loved it!


The afternoon was also filled with fun including 'drop everything and read' in the most extreme places, making a scene from 'Giraffes can't dance!' and then creating a board game for our favourite books.


What a brilliant day!

Chris and Sue Govus

As some of you may know, Chris and Sue have been hosting assemblies for over 25 years!

Their passion and love of life is infectious; with exciting songs and clear messages; it is no wonder the children enjoy their assemblies.

Unfortunately, Chris and Sue are retiring. As a thank you, Wyburns will be composing a Good Luck book, where each class will be writing messages to say ‘Thank You’. The couple have been hosting assemblies for many years, with many parents remembering them when they were in school. If you would like to contribute to our Wyburns Book please pass messages to your class teacher no later than Tuesday 10th March.

Many Thanks

Miss Campbell

Round and round!


We had a brilliant maths lesson today!  We took part in a range of practical of activities to understand the direction of clockwise and anti-clockwise. We then went outside to follow instructions using the correct vocabulary relating to rotation such as quarter, half and three quarter turns.

Music festival


The permission slip for attending the Year 2 musical festival was given out last week. I have found a few letters floating around on the floor. If you have not yet received one, please just let me know and I can issue you with another one with no problem at all :)


Thank you!

Special objects


In RE next week we will be focusing on 'Special objects'. We would like the children to bring in a special object of their choice on Tuesday 3rd March to share with the class. Please do not bring in anything that is too valuable. If you do not wish to bring the actual object in, a photograph or description of it will be absolutely fine :)


Thank you! 

Hit the button challenge!


Class 7 challenge: 

How many number bonds to 10 and 20 can you get correct in 1 minute?

Click the link below to try for yourself!


Record your best time and bring it in to class to see who is the fastest!

Good luck!

Bursting with brilliance!

Class 7 have been bursting with brilliance this week! They have returned to school ready to learn and have proved this through the amazing work they have produced in all subjects.


We have been busy writing silly poems, subtracting using a variety of strategies in maths, controlling a ball with accuracy in PE, discussing our favourite celebrations in RE and so much more!!


Keep it up, you are all doing so well!!

Parent workshop


We are inviting all parents/carers to a coffee morning at school to provide information on childhood development.

Please find the information leaflet attached below with all the details you need to know.

We hope you can make it! :)

Mysterious visitor comes to Wyburns!


After the whole school being called in to assembly, it was announced that something mysterious had taken place over night. When investigating this we found 3 giant footprints and eggs that had hatched! We gathered the evidence and began to search for even more clues.

Class 7's ideas and thoughts were absolutely brilliant and helped us to begin to describe what this creature might have looked like. We reported these ideas back to Mrs Sansom, Mrs Mitchell and Mr O'Donohoe in a newspaper article.



Thank you for your amazing 500 word stories and aboriginal art pieces. Have a lovely half term and I look forward to even more brilliance!

Safer internet day!


Today we looked at how to stay safe on the internet and the top tips to help others. We also looked at what the internet is good for, helping us understand that using it safely can benefit us. We began by sorting the good and bad choices made on the internet and moved on to creating a poster for Mitch the Monkey who was confused about surfing safely.


Here is our safer internet smile from all of KS1!

Habitat walk!


A slight change of plan from pond dipping due to certain conditions but we had a brilliant habitat walk exploring where certain animals live and why! We predicted the animals we would find and then went to investigate.

Quick reminder


As the weather gets slightly warmer we will be going outside for some of our PE lessons. Please could you make sure you have suitable clothing for outdoors such as jogging bottoms, trainers and a jumper if necessary.


Thank you and well done for all bringing your PE kits in this week class 7!



Well done Class 7!


Our trip to Rayleigh Methodist Church was a success on Thursday and I would just like to thank you for representing Wyburns in such a positive way!

You asked some brilliant questions, took part in all of the activities and impressed Reverend Phil Warrey with your impeccable behaviour! 

Pond dipping!

Next Monday afternoon we will be using the school pond to explore and go pond dipping! Please could you bring your wellies or sensible outdoor shoes in on this day please.


Thank you!

Eco Warriors!


Congratulations to our new Eco Warriors representing Class 7:




Circus clay fun!


Class 7 had a creative afternoon making their very own circus animals out of clay!

We began by designing what they would look like, using our knowledge of Aboriginal Art, and then moulded them out of clay.


Here are just some of our amazing designs! We cant wait to paint them next week!

Crazy coin characters!


Today we applied our knowledge of recognising coins and adding money to create our very own coin characters. We looked at making characters with certain values and characters with certain coins in. The children really challenged themselves today!


Keep up the good work Class 7!




Class 7 have worked so hard this week to win the BB cup for brilliant behaviour! Mrs Howes and I have been so impressed with your resilience and willingness to achieve this.


Well done, you deserve it!

Crazy about reading!

We were lucky enough to visit the school library today in which we all really enjoyed relaxing with a good book.

Each child in Class 7 has chosen a book of their choice to take home and enjoy. When finished with the book it can be brought back in to school in return for another one!


Happy reading!

Chomping on chocolate!


We had a fantastic morning visiting the Wyburns café for Big Write!

We used our 5 senses to explore the different types of chocolate on offer and then produced some amazing multi-sensory poems about this experience.

As you can imagine this was a popular lesson!smiley


Bonkers about Beebots!


Over the past few computing lessons we have been learning about algorithms and have began looking at programming difference devices. We used the beebots and the beebot app on the Ipads to follow instructions and get through the circus act. The children challenged themselves by thinking about how to make the beebot hula hoop, walk the tightrope and dodge the clowns!



Planet Sherston


Each child in Class 7 now have a log in for Planet Sherston, an online world of learning, in which they can practice maths, English and science skills!


To log in the username is the child's first name with their 3 letter Sumdog username e.g. BobBBA and the Password is their Sumdog password.


If there are any troubles when logging on please do not hesitate to ask :)


Have fun exploring!


Curriculum overview!


Class 7 have had a fantastic first week back at school and I am so impressed with how hard you have all worked!


There is a link to our curriculum overview below in which you can find out about all of the exciting learning that will be taking place this half term. smiley





Lots of you have been using Sumdog to practice your maths skills at home. I am really impressed with how well you are doing! Don't forget to log on using your username and password kept in the inside of your partnership book. smiley

laughUnderstanding how others are feeling!laugh


We had an excellent PSHE lesson in which we made our own empathy glasses. Wearing the glasses allowed us to think about how others might be feeling in certain situations and the best ways to react.

All the fun at the circus!


Our topic this half term is 'All the fun at the circus!'. We began today by practicing our balancing skills in PE as if we were in the circus. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to move on to the next skill.




Welcome back! 

We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas break with your family and friends. We heard all about the exciting things that happened over the holidays and can't wait to get started with our new topic.


Miss Campbell and Mrs Howes



Christmas party fun!


Our last day of term was a fun filled day including party games, dancing and lots more! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and relaxing break! Thank you for a fantastic first term , we have certainly been bursting will brilliance!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas fun!


We have had a fantastic day making different Christmas decorations!

We also had a lovely time at our Christmas party today, thank you for all of the food that was brought in. We really appreciated it!

Christmas party!


Just to remind you that our Christmas party is on Wednesday. The children are welcome to bring in a change of clothes for this.


We are also allowing the children to bring in their own games for Friday if they wish. Please do not bring in anything too valuable :)




We had a brilliant time at the pantomime today! All the staff were very impressed with the super behaviour and how well the children represented Wyburns. The children sang and danced their way through until the end!


Lovely lunches!


We have been extremely busy identifying different types of packaging, designing a lunchbox and finally making it using a net of a cuboid! We learnt about the different food groups to ensure our lunchbox was healthy and included foods that would keep us going throughout the day!

Christmas play!

Please remember that costumes are due in on Wednesday 3rd December for the Christmas play.

We are very excited to perform and can't wait for you to see it!

Melvin the wacky scientist!

Melvin sent a letter to Class 7 this morning asking them to create a potion with special powers! We started by collecting the ingredients for our magic potions and then mixed these together to see what happened. We replied to him to tell him all about it using our 5 senses!


Brilliant behaviour award!


Well done to Class 7 for winning the BB cup on Friday! Your brilliant behaviour is really shining through and I am so impressed! You should be really proud of yourselves.

Class 7's got rhythm!


We spent today's PE lesson creating and performing a dance routine in pairs to the soundtrack of Matilda. We worked specifically to include levels, travelling and movement to make our dances more interesting! We had a great time and were really proud of what we produced as a class!



Superhero children in need day!


We had a fantastic day dressing up as superheroes to raise money for children in need! We used our special powers in class 7 to produce some amazing work and the costumes were brilliant.

Thank you to all who donated!

PE days!


Class 7 will now have PE on Monday and Friday of every week. Please remember to bring your PE kits back in to school if you haven't already smiley

Thank you!


We have had a brilliant week focusing on the story of Matilda by Roald Dahl. We began by describing the different characters in the film and ended the week with writing a letter to the evil Mrs Trunchbull! We used a range of exciting vocabulary to tell Mrs Trunchbull exactly how we felt!

smileyHalf term!smiley


Class 7 have been bursting with brilliance and I am so impressed with how hard you have all been working!

Keep up the good work and have a lovely week off!

Recyclable superheroes!


I have been so impressed with the superheroes made out of recycled materials that have been brought in so far! It is evident that the children have been working very hard at home and they are extremely proud of their work. They are now on full display in our classroom!

Keep it up Class 7! no



Terrance the tortoise comes to Wyburns!


A surprise visitor came to say hello to KS1 today...Terrance the tortoise! We had an exciting morning learning about how to look after him and also had the opportunity to hold him. We then wrote instructions on how to bath a tortoise and gave him a wash!

Times tables!

We have been learning a new song this week to practice our 3x tables! The children love it and can sing along at home by clicking below!

Superhero snacks!


Our focus in English last week was to write instructions for making a jam sandwich! We worked hard throughout the week to use bossy verbs and time connectives in our writing to make sure our sandwiches were a success. On Friday we made our snacks by following our own instructions and really enjoyed eating the finished product!

Police visit!

We had an excellent start to our Monday morning with a special visit from the police! We spent the morning learning about the different roles within the job, the equipment they use and how to search for evidence using fingerprints!


Home learning

Next week we are investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Your maths home learning is to draw as many objects as you can that are cube or cuboids. This needs to be completed by Wednesday 8th October but can be started over the weekend on plain paper smiley

Times tables

We have been learning our 2x and 5x tables through different songs this week.

Please follow the link if you wish to practice at home smiley


We have also been rehearsing our number bond rap which class 7 now know really well!

Junior Governors

Last week, four children were selected from our class to run for Junior Governor.

The two boys with the most votes were Liam and Jimmy.

The two girls with the most votes were Poppy and Alice.


Jimmy and Alice have now been selected to represent our class!

Well done to all of you! no


Harvest festival


Our harvest festival was a success and the children really enjoyed performing their Vegetable Rap! I was extremely proud of how well they sung and remembered all of the actions.

Class 7 termly overview

Welcome to class 7's page!


You have all received your reading passports so I hope you have started collecting your air miles through reading at home. Remember, there will be a prize at the end of your journey!


Our theme this term is 'Do you want to be a superhero?'. I was really impressed with your fantastic superhero designs, keep up the good work!


Please remember to bring in your PE kits  if you have not brought them in already as we have PE on Wednesday and Friday every week. If you can also remember to bring something in for our harvest box, that would be great!


Thank you :)


Miss Campbell