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Summer 1 - Week 6/Wat Tyler

Well, our final week of Summer 1 has finished and what a (4 day) week it was!


We have perfected dividing using sharing circles in maths - this took resilience but it was worth it in the end!

In PE this term we have been looking at paralympic sports. This week was seated volleyball. We had fun experimenting with this in the hall and then went out on the playground in groups to try the original sport and compare.

We also had fun in science when investigating plants. We became detectives and investigated different trees. We had to identify them by looking closely at details in their leaves as well as the fact that deciduous trees leaves change colour depending on the season.

We also went to the sensory garden to investigate what edible plants were growing. We saw if we could identify them and looked at the differences in how they grow.

Perhaps most excitingly, we also had our wonderful trip to Wat Tyler Park. We really got stuck into the Pond dipping activity, finding all kinds of creatures including newts, pond snails and bloodworms. We also enjoyed going on a nature hunt and put our detective glasses on to investigate which animals had been present by looking at things like skins that had been shed, pellets, footprints and even...poo!

We also had so much fun just being together, out in nature and working as a team.

I am so proud of you, Year 1!

Here are some photos of all the fun we had!


See Google Classrooms post for photos!



Have a lovely break, Year 1! You've well and truly smashed it!