Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

SATs info

The children have been practising some key skills this week in preparation for the end of KS2 assessments, so just a couple of reminders for you all :)


At Wyburns, we celebrate the SATs, as a way for the children to demonstrate what they can do. We see it as a chance to show all they have learnt. The focus is very much on 'do your best', as that is always good enough. The children know that the tests are a snapshot of their learning and only tell part of the story.


From Tuesday 9th May through to the Friday, the children can attend breakfast club (as per the letter) at a heavily discounted rate. This gives children the chance to chat and relax before we start.

Please let us know as early as you can, if your child is poorly during SATs week. 


Some children love the assessments and others really don't. This is beacuse all of the children are different and approach things in different ways. Whatever the results, we are always very proud of them all and I know they are all going to try their best. 


Any queires or concerns, please let me know :)

Mrs F