Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 7

We have gone animal crazy in Class 7 this week! We have enjoyed learning about the different types of animals, looking at their structures and comparing these!


Did you know a human is a type of animal?

Can you name any mammals?

What is the difference between a toad and a shark?


We also learnt about the structure of the human body! We labelled our body parts and added lots of new ones as well!


Can you remember where your thigh is?

Can you point to your shin?



Using the cards 2, 4, 6, 8, +, - and =, what number sentences can you make?


Have a think about some of these questions…


How are you going to record your number sentences?

Can you work them out?

What is the biggest answer you can find?

What is the smallest number you can make?


This week we are learning to subtract. We started off today subtracting using diennes and multilink. Tomorrow we are going to be drawing our own number lines! Class 7 are ready for the challenge.

Have a look at what we will be learning this term!

Melted snowman biscuits... mmmmm!

The best Christmas dinner we have ever had!!!!!!

We enjoyed retelling the Night Before Christmas poem with Mr Cann!

We are pleased to announce that KS1 came runners up in the Eco Race competition! A huge thank you to everybody who ditched the car and walked, biked and scooted to school! It has been lovely to see a full bike shed. Our next Eco Race will be after Christmas but remember we can travel to school sustainability all the time to keep eco-friendly. Could you challenge yourself to come to school a different way each day?


More Winter Games fun!

Class 7 enjoyed themselves at The Winter Games!

We are excited about our pledge!

This week it is Road Safety Week! We all looked at how we could help drivers keep safe as well as being safe when crossing the road. We learnt about how important it is to have our seat belts on, ensure we are driving slow and drivers not using mobile phones. We all pledged to help remind our friends and adults about this!


Quick reminder!

Please remember to bring a disposable packed lunch on Friday 14th October, unless you have ordered a white band from school.


We look forward to seeing your brilliance on International Day!


Look at some of the yummy Greek foods we tried today! Our class favourite was tzatziki!









Next week is international week and Class 7 are going to be learning all about Greece! We are going to be taste testing some different Greek foods throughout the week including; pitta, tzatziki, Greek yoghurt, olives, vine leaves, feta and halloumi cheese. YUM! These will not contain any nuts but if there is any problems with your child tasting any of these foods please let me know. J

Many thanks,


Miss Milner


In DT we are designing and making fire-engines of the future! Please save any clean recycling and bring this in school on Wednesday 5th October. We would love any size cardboards boxes, lids, bottles… anything that will help us create our fire engines!


Many thanks,


Miss Milner

We loved having the firefighters to come and visit us! We taught them all about 'The Great Fire of London' and they taught us all about the equipment they use. We even got to go on their fire engine! More pictures to come of the children when I have had all the consent forms back :)

Mad Science Club starts after school this Wednesday! It is a club filled with crazy experiments for our little scientists! If you are interested please contact the office :)



Have a read of our curriculum overview for this term and find out about all the exciting things we will be learning!

To start off our exciting topic of ‘London’s got the X Factor’, we are lucky to have a visit from the fire service this Thursday afternoon (8th September). It is going to be a hands on experience and children may get a little wet! Please bring in a change of old clothes if at all possible.