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Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 5

Dear Parents/Carers,

In our Geography lesson next week, we are going to be creating our own ‘Biome In A Bag’. For this investigation, your child will need a plastic bottle each. A 2 litre bottle would be great but if you only have a small bottle, this is not a problem J

If the children could please bring in their plastic bottle in before Friday 16th June.

Thank you for your support!


Kind regards,

Miss Campbell

Happy half term!

Miss Jude and I hope you have a lovely half term and enjoy yourself!


Here is the Home Learning for the half term. You have 3 weeks to complete this. This will be due in on 16th June.


The class spellings are also below for the first week back.








Stay safe in the sun and have a great break!

Plant cuttings

Today we have been exploring the different ways in which plants reproduce. After recapping the parts of a flower and how plants can be pollinated by wind and insects, we began to take cuttings to make a clone of a Geranium.


We can't wait to see if our stems produce roots!

World Book Day

We've had a great day sharing our favourite books and taking part in 'Drop it and read!'


Take a look at some of how favourite places to read smiley

Fingerprint Analysis

We have been looking at modern day crime and punishment to end our history topic. The children have researched the different jobs that link with this, looking at the statistics for a range of crimes and then taking each others fingerprints!

Welcome back!


Class 5 have had a fantastic first week back!


Here's some of things we have been learning about:


-Reading 'The Highwayman' By Alfred Noyes, interpreting the narrative behind it, looking at the grammatical features used and performing our own versions


-Creating Fraction Art to help us with converting between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages


-We've even understood what it would have felt like to be in a real Victorian Prison!



Happy Half Term!


Thank you for another fantastic half term! We have been blown away with your hard work, infectious personalities and you love for learning!


Miss Jude and I wish you a brilliant half term and can't wait to see even more brilliance when you get back!


Your home learning task is attached below smiley


Half Term Home Learning Project

Alcatraz Big Write!

Class 5 experienced what it would feel like to be on the boat to Alcatraz prison. They have carried out their own research, created their own persuasive leaflets, planned their escape and then wrote an action packed story about it!



Safer Internet Day 2017

KS2 have been exploring the POWER OF IMAGE and how powerful the internet can be. We discussed how a photo stays on the internet forever. We created our own secure passwords, designed a pledge and took part in an e-safety quiz!

Market Research for Kay Logg's

Class 5 have taken part in a market research project to sell their new product. They have brainstormed brand/slogan names, carried out a survey to find the most popular one, created a bar graph from this to analyse the data and presented their pitch to the class (Apprentice style!).


The children have worked extremely hard to apply a range of skills in Maths!

Separating Mixtures

One of Tesco's lorries had overturned and all of the food/materials had been mixed up. The children had to investigate how they were going to separate each mixture.

These were:

1) Sand and water

2) Raisins and flour

3) Salt and water

4) Paperclips and rice


The children really began their existing scientific knowledge to solve these 4 problems through filtration, magnetism, evaporation and sieving!

Solving the Cluedo Murder Mystery!

Class 5 walked in to a crime scene on Thursday!

We discussed the big 5 W's of who it was, what had happened, where it was, when it happened and why it is was here?


We came to the conclusion that the security guard from Southwark Hall had been murdered and the only guests there at the time were Branston Pickle (the owner of the house) and his 4 guests - Miss Scarlett, Mr Green, Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum. Class 5 took the role of Detective Googlebox to begin to solve the crime!


So far, the children have described the room they think it has happened in and described the main suspects.

We can't wait to gather even more evidence!

Power 2 Inspire


Wyburns had a truly inspiring assembly today! John Willis, from the charity Power 2 Inspire, came in to talk to us about his Road 2 Rio challenge and how you can achieve anything when you put your heart to it!


The children got to see a video of John trying 34 Olympic and Paralympic sports throughout the last year, see the sports equipment he uses to be able to achieve these things and listen to some stories e.g how he drives and uses a knife and fork!


The children have taken on board John's positivity and passion to exceed in everything he does! 

Class 5 have had another great week!


Class 5 have written some tense chase scenes in their adventure stories, compared some gruesome Roman/Anglo-Saxon punishments and brushing up their knowledge of place value up to 1,000,000. We ended the week with a Roman Numerals Quiz of the year, in which the children had to solve the calculations (In Roman Numerals) to win the game in their teams!


The children have had so much enthusiasm for their learning this week and have really made Miss Jude and I smile! (Especially their creative lyrics that were performed in music) smiley


Remember to keep reading at home, practicing your spellings and trying out different types of text to keep it interesting! e.g. non-fiction, poetry, narratives etc.



Time Capsule - Operation Ingenious!

Class 5 and 6 had such an exciting day on Monday!


They dodged laser beams, spied on Le Strange Hall (the evil villains home), cracked codes to solve the puzzle and designed their own spy gadgets! Class 5 really got in to the role of a spy and your outfits were great!


The children have wowed us this week with their fantastic starts to their own spy adventure stories! This has included planning our own escape routes and writing an action filled chase scene!

  Keep it up class 5!

 Crime and Punishment


Class 5 have had such a brilliant first week back at school and have really thrown themselves in to their new topic!

In English we have been looking at the wolf's perspective in different fairy tale stories . We found out that he was actually quite misunderstood and empathised with his side of the story. On Friday, the classroom turned in to a court trial in which each character played their part to decide whether he was guilty or not guilty. The children really took their roles seriously such as the judges, court ushers, court clerks and so on. The children then write letters from the wolf to his mum explaining his ordeal that day!



We have also been exploring the different vocabulary used when looking at Crime and Punishment. We began by looking at the crimes committed in the Roman times and the punishments they would have received - some being extremely gruesome! This will then lead on to finding out about the changes that took place across the years after.

Curriculum Overview

What are we up to this term?!


Please take a look at the link below to find out!

Home Learning


Please find the Home Learning Task below. This is due in on 6th January 2017! smiley



Home Learning - Crime And Punishment

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you for such a great first term! You have worked extremely hard and are always full of enthusiasm, which we love! Miss Jude and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all and can't wait for even more brilliance in the new year!


We look forward to seeing your creative home learning projects! Don't forget to practice your times tables, spellings and reading!


Thank you so much for our lovely cards and gifts!


We hope you have a great rest, a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Miss Campbell and Miss Jude


Elf yourself!

We had a funny morning making ourselves in to elves! The children stuck their faces on to the elves bodies and decorated their outfits. Class 5 then put on an 'elfy' performance!


It was lovely to see you all getting in to the Christmas spirit today!


Here are some of our creations smiley

Christmas Jumper Day!


Don't forget to get festive for Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow! (16th December) and donate  £1 for Save The Children if you can! smiley

Christmas dinner!

The whole school had an amazing Christmas dinner on Friday lunchtime. We spent the morning decorating our table cloths, centre pieces and hats to impress Reverend Phil, our table judge for the afternoon.

The children and staff really got in to the Christmas spirit and had such a great time!

Art In Nature

Class 5 have created their own art using the natural environment. The children thought about the colours, patterns and shapes they could use!


We have been studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long to help us!


Through our science topic of 'Forces' the children were asked

to test out trainers for Lewis Hamilton. He needs a lot of grip between his trainer and the pedals, so that his foot doesn’t slip.


The children investigating the effects of friction on moving surfaces and worked really well as a group to work out which shoe was best.

5 Live Music


5 Live came to visit on Tuesday. The children had the opportunity to listen to live music, learn about the different instruments and even have a go themselves! smiley

Road safety afternoon


Class 5 spent the afternoon looking at the breaking distance of cars at different speeds. We then looked at how the snow and rain affects this.


Class 5 also completed the Break Pledge in which we pledge to focus on the 6 areas below:





Thank you!

Thank you for all of your hard work effort that you put in to your half term creative projects!


They look so great on display in our classroom!

Peter Thorpe - Abstract Space Art


Class 5 have created some amazing pieces of art work this week, which they are extremely proud of! We explored the work of this artist, planned our ideas and then began to create them, using our unique ideas.


The children really experimented with different techniques to use for the backgrounds. They look extremely effective!



We've started our new science topic of forces and have got stuck in to 2 different investigations already!


This week we made our own parachutes to explore gravity.


Our scientific questions was:

How does the height of the parachute affect how quickly it falls?

Move and Learn - Southend United


Class 6 have got off to a great start on their 6 week Move and Learn programme!

In the first session, the children were introduced to why exercise is good for us and then took part in a football training session,

This week Class 5 learnt about the what the bones and muscles in our bodies do. The children then played a football match to apply their previously learnt skills!

Have a great half term!


Thank you for all of your hard work this first half term! Miss Jude and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better and experiencing your brilliance!


Well done for achieving the BB cup this week! 9 smiley's must be a record!


There is an amazing amount of leaves on our Tree of Achievement! Well done!


I can't wait to see your creative homework after half term.


Stay safe over Halloween and have a great week smiley


Miss Campbell and Miss Jude

Crystal Maze Big Write!


KS2 were invited to accept the Crystal Maze challenge this morning...if they dared. The morning consisted of them working in teams to compete!


The children took part in a mental, physical and skilful challenge to test their nerves and teamwork.


Class 5 certainly impressed me with their imaginative ideas!

Tasty tortillas!

After studying the foods that Mayans ate, Class 5 made their own tortillas from scratch! They then filled them with fillings of their choice and had the opportunity to enjoy their own creations!

International Day!

The whole school had a brilliant day at the CLC in Wickford.

The children took part in a range of activities to explore South America.

These included:

  • A South America quiz
  • Art work with pastels
  • Creating their own flag
  • Being part of a Samba band
  • Exploring the sensory room to really feel what the rainforest is like



Thank you for such a great day and to all of the helpers on the day! smiley


Quick reminder!

Please remember to bring a disposable packed lunch on Friday 14th October, unless you have ordered a white band from school.


We look forward to seeing your brilliance on International Day!

International week!


Class 5 have got off to a great start this week, beginning to explore our country - Thailand!


We began with a quiz to find out what we already know. We then used descriptive techniques such as similes, personification and alliteration to describe different Thai settings.

We have also located Thailand on the map and began to explore the countries culture!


Other activities have included using collage materials to design our own Thai elephants, learning about the impact of the Tsunami in 2004 and working out the time differences in different countries around the world!

07.10.16 - Well done Class 5 for winning the BB cup this week!


It was well deserved!




Day and Night

Class 5 had a brilliant discussion today about why we have day and night. They had lots of questions to ask, which was really interesting to explore together.


We showed how it happens by using the globes and torches. The children write some great explanations as to how it happens!

Decontamination lab

As part of our English Time Capsule ‘Endeavour’ topic, we began by entering the decontamination zone. We had to ensure we all passed the screening tests to allow us through!


 Our mission was to find the cure for Elga and Dax’s parents. We tested the symptoms for each disease and then decided which one their parents had.

We then used our cure cards to measure out the correct amount of each liquid, to ensure the cure would work and save the crew in the Space Station!


Election winners!

The results are in...


Our new Junior Governors are Daisy and Ronnie!

Our new Eco Warriors are Vincent and Sophie!

Our new Sports Council Leaders are Bella, Eloise, Lucas and George!


A big well done to all who ran for Junior Governors, Eco Warriors or Sports Council Leaders!

Magnificent Mayan food tasting!

Class 5 have been exploring the different tastes of Mexican food, in order to plan their own Mayan menu fit for the Priest.


The children discussed the aroma, appearance, taste and feel of each item - taking extra time to savour the flavour of chocolate :)


It was so lovely to see the children exploring new tastes such as Papaya, Salsa and Guacamole.


They then had to  use their persuasive techniques whilst creating a menu that included a range of starters, main courses, desserts and entertainment.


Jeans for Genes Day

The school will be dressed in denim, from head to toe, on Friday 23rd September. This will be to raise money for thousands of children with genetic disorders across the UK.


Donation boxes will be placed in the office and a collection bucket will visit each classroom on the day!

Thank you for all of your support! 



Together we can help raise awareness!

Let's overdo do it in denim!

Harvest Donations

If you wish to make a donation to 'Hope Worx' Christian charity, please find below the list of items you can donate.


  • Tins of food (Tins of meat and fish particularly)

  • Pasta

  • Cereals

  • Baby Products

  • Sponge Puddings

  • Jars of sauces

  • Jams & Marmalades

  • Biscuits


Thank you!

Another great week!


Well done Class 5 for another brilliant week and for winning the lunchtime award for the second week running!

Our 'Tree of Achievement' is filling up nicely and you should all be so proud of how hard you have worked this week!


Have a lovely weekend! smiley



Time Capsule Launch Day!

Class 5 had a fantastic day, starting their science-fiction adventures! The day started with hearing the opening to the story and then the children began to take part in the stories themselves.


The children had the opportunity to programme the roamers to get the key from Dax to Elga, work their way through the laser tunnel, change the fuel rods in the engineering room and also go target shooting to tranquilise the alien life forms!


It was such a great day and we can't wait for you to see the pictures!

The children are really looking forward to starting their narratives!


Where Is God?



Class 5 have been busy thinking about the big question of 'Where is God?'

We had a long discussion on who it might be, if there is one, different peoples beliefs and where it might be today.

The children contributed to the discussion with such mature and detailed answers.


The class then portrayed their beliefs in a piece of art work.

Here are some of our pieces.

What are Class 5 up to this term?!

Take a look at our curriculum overview for this term to find out about our exciting topics and what we will be learning about!

Time Capsule Launch Day!

Class 5 and 6 will be taking part in an exciting writing workshop called 'Endeavour', which is based on a science fiction adventure in Space.


This will be taking place on 12th September.


Please remember to come to school in non-school uniform and dress as futuristic as possible!




Class 5 you've blown me away already! You've arrived back at school with great determination and drive to do your best!


You have already started collecting pebbles for your reward, have been awarded two smiley's, whilst also filling up the tree of achievement!


You have really shown how mature you are. Miss Jude and I are so impressed. Keep it up! smiley


Welcome to Class 5!

Welcome to Class 5's new page!

It will be filled with important information, photos of the children's brilliance and much more!


We hope you've all had an amazing summer and can't wait to hear about what you've been up to!


We look forward to seeing you all Monday morning frown


Miss Campbell and Miss Jude