Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!


Morning Year 6! 

We are really looking forward to another fab day! Hopefully you have all tidied your rooms this morning ready for the room inspection! Please send today's tidy rooms to


Start thinking about your meal preparation today and don't forget to clear away!


Just a reminder to get your videos in this morning please- extended till midday. Baby photos are due by tomorrow (we have loads already thank you!)


See you all at 11am for Challenge 1

Challenge 1 - 11am

Your first challenge of the day is baking. Over the last few weeks we have seen the wonderful creations coming out of your kitchens and they have inspired others( and us) to make more things from scratch. This challenge can be anything so long as YOU have made it! Have a look at what ingredients you have first as that will determine what you can make. You could do rice crispy cakes (or a version of them depending on what you have), bread, cakes, scones etc. Please send us the photos of you prepping everything,  making it, baking it and clearing up afterwards! 

If you haven't already sent your video in, please do so by midday.

Thanks all :)


See you all at 1pm!

Challenge 2 - 1pm


This challenge is fun for all the family!

Use a straw to carry smarties/rice/anything small  from one side of the room/garden to the other (one at a time) without dropping them. How many can you do in 2 mins?

Have a race with a member of your family. Celebrate the winner!


Please take a photo of you in action and write down how many you carried in the 2 minutes for us to see when you send your photos in. I'll announce the winner later!


Good luck and have fun!


See you at 3pm......

Challenge 3 - 3pm


Make a soap carving (if no soap use anything you can carve - melon/potato/turnip/carrot) of something memorable from your time at Wyburns. 


Be as creative and imaginative as you can!


We're looking forward to seeing your amazing creations :)


This is your last challenge for the day today unless you haven't cooked and tidied up yet!


Thank you for making this week so much fun guys and we are looking forward to more tomorrow!