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We hope you all received your new spellings ready for the week ahead! Spelling is tricky. Often children can remember their spellings for a test but sometimes forget them when it comes to writing something different. Here are some top tips to ensure your child becomes a super speller:


  1. Learn the weekly spellings in a mixed up order
  2. Put the spellings in sentences when you are practising them
  3. Encourage looking at the word shape- do it look right?
  4. Are there any sound patterns to look out for?
  5. Keep a bank of spellings your child is not sure of and keep practising these
  6. Can you us a mnemonic? Eg. because- big elephants can’t always use small exits

Your home learning is to try a new way of learning your spellings. Could you fit them into a sentence? Write a passage? Learn them on post-its? Tell us how you go on. Most importantly have fun!


If you have any questions please come and chat to the Key Stage 1 team J