Primary School

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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


It's the end of another busy week and I'm sure lots of you are looking forward to the inflatable fun day tomorrow.  This week, we began a unit on persuasive writing. We learnt what it means to be persuasive and created some persuasive phrases to make our points even more effective. Next week, we will be writing our first persuasive letter, so watch this space! We also learnt about deforestation and created a poster encouraging people to help the environment.


Our homework this week is to complete one more activity from the list on your rainforest sheet. It is due in 2 weeks from now (5th July). Please click on the link below if you need another copy of it.  Don't forget that it is sports day next Thursday, so please bring in a white, blue or red T shirt depending on which team you are in. Have a brilliant weekend and a lovely time at the Inflatable Fun Day!


Mrs Harris

Layer Marney Tower Trip


Class 4 visited Layer Marney Tower yesterday. Thankfully the weather was good so we were able to spend a lot of the day outside. We learnt about Tudor armour, Tudor tombs and what sort of games Tudors used to play. We were even able to climb to the top of the tower! Below are some pictures of the day:

Tudor Portraits


After a lot of hard work, class 4 finished their Tudor Portraits! Please see below for the fantastic pictures they produced.

Tudor Homework Photos

Tudor Homework Sheet



What a busy week! In between becoming health inspectors for a Tudor town, learning how to write formal letters and taking part in our penalty shoot out, we managed to begin painting our Tudor portraits. They look absolutely fantastic- the amount of effort put in by everyone really shows through. The finished articles will be put on here next week, so watch this space!



We were delighted to find out that we were joint winners of the good manners certificate this week, too. It's lovely to hear that the class are being so kind to each other at lunchtimes- well done year 4!