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Well, we are now into our term and you are working really hard!!

There have been some great non-chronological reports this week and you have really worked hard with your writing

We have also been finding out more about the Shang Dynasty and looking at the religious practice of oracles bones. We even made some in clay to represent the ox bones they would have used. There are some photos below.

Also, our Chinese New Year dances are coming along and the children have been learning why the moon is important during the Chinese festival of New Year. So looking forward to the performances.


Happy Monday was certainly happy as we had jokes coming out of our ears - especially with Louie's brilliant joke book!! We made a little joke book to collect our favourites.


Have a good week

Miss Welsh

The oracle bones told the Shang king what may happen in the future - We have asked what the weather will be like next week using Chinese lettering - Let's see who is correct?

Oracle bone photos

These are photos of some of the groups creating their motifs and stories about Chinese new year

Chinese dance photos