Primary School

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Online Learning 4.9.2023

Good morning Year 5!


I cannot wait to see you online tomorrow and update you on our plan for the next couple of weeks.


Today (4.9.2023) I would like you to work through the tasks attached here to ease yourself in.


Maths activity - Please have a look at a selection of activities and give what you can a go. It is a little recap to ease yourselves in. Try your best  ☺


English task – We will be focusing on a poem for the next few weeks. I have attached the poem that will be our focus. I will also attach a link for you to the video version for you to watch. After listening/reading the poem you can write/ think about any questions you may have about it. Then think to yourself, if I were to write a poem like this, what food would I pick? 


If you can, please read today and write a short paragraph about what you have read – draw a picture/tell me about the characters.


After lunch, to start off our PSHE, I would love to find out about your interests and dreams! 

Please draw around your hands. In the fingers of one hand, tell me all of the things that you enjoy/most proud of and in the other write all your dreams. Don’t forget to be creative and decorate them.


I cannot wait to see you all online at 9:30am tomorrow morning. The link will be on here ready for you all.


Have a great day!