Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 5

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan!

WOW is all I can say. You have all made us so proud this week with your outstanding performances in Superstan. You made everyone smile and laugh throughout the rehearsals and the real thing!


Enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend!

Well done Class 5!

The Discovery Channel!

Class 5 have had a busy day exploring volcanoes, tornadoes and hurricanes. We began the day by making small volcanoes, made from paper Mache, and then thinking about the scientific question we wanted to answer.


Once we had planned our investigation, we got to the fun part of testing them! We couldn't believe how long it took for the last volcano to erupt.


In the afternoon, we made our own mini tornados in a bottle.


What a great day!

Sports Day!

All children and staff had a brilliant day and the children were such great sports! Well done to all of you who took part!

Wild For Art Day!

What a brilliant day!

The children have been busy taking part in African drumming sessions, African dance workshops, observation drawing, creating musical instruments, having their picture taking at the photo booth and so much more!


It was so lovely to see everyone taking part. We particularly enjoyed the whole school singing 'Epo e tai tai' together!



A special thanks to Miss Fox and Mrs Adkins for organising the whole event!

Home Learning Projects!

Thank you for all of your creative Home Learning Projects!

They look great as part of our display! smiley

The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan!


Our production is quickly approaching. Thank you for all of those that have started to bring props and costumes in so far!


Just a reminder that costumes need to be in by 27th June. smiley

Montagues Vs Capulets



Classes 4,5 and 6 had a great morning, exploring Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'! The day began with the children discovering the graffiti on the playground. We then went back inside to look at the opening scene of the play, where the Montagues and Capulets are against each other. After discussing the language used and what it meant, the children got in to small groups to act out the scene!

French Day!


What a brilliant day! The children started the day by learning the vocabulary needed to work in the French restaurant and then tested their skills when serving Class 3. The children were absolutely brilliant and tried really hard to not speak in English smiley


Class 5 then learnt a song in French and prepositions for the afternoon activity.


The afternoon was also great! KS2 took part in a giant French treasure hunt to find clues. Well done to the winners!


The day finished by a Skype call to France!


Thank you for all of your hard work!


Seeds From Space!

Just a reminder that if you took your seeds from space home, make sure you plant them so they can grow even more!


Remember not to eat them though as we don't know which ones are from space! smiley


Happy half term!

Thank you for all of your hard work so far! Have a fantastic break and we will see you in a week for more brilliance!


Remember you home learning projects are due on Friday 10th June, so you have 2 weeks to complete them smiley



Terrance and Timmy come to visit!


Terrance and Timmy, Miss Campbell's Herman tortoises, came to visit yesterday and had a great time! Class 5 were extremely careful when holding them and they even gave them a bath! :)


The children then designed a new house for them. We had some wacky and creative ideas. I can't wait to see your instructions of how to make them!

Big write - Fashion show!

The whole school have had a fantastic morning taking part in Wyburns Fashion Show! The children were given their design specification in which they were asked to design and create an outfit made entirely out of PLASTIC BAGS! The children split in to groups and each had a specific roles e.g. designer, model and creators. We then got together to put on our fashion show, before writing our recount of the morning.


Thank you to everyone who bought carrier bags in, it was a great help! smiley


Also, thank you to Class 5 for being such good sports. You all put your full efforts in and I thoroughly enjoyed you walking the catwalk!

Spelling test


Class 5's spelling test will take place on Thursday this week, due to Big Write on Friday :)

Adventure stories

We had a lovely morning writing our adventure stories outside! Using the success criteria and other resources, Class 5 put their full efforts in to making them exciting and cohesive! Our main aim was to create a balance between action, dialogue and description.


Well done for working so hard. It was lovely to see you so enthusiastic about writing!

Exploring the world!


We have made a brilliant to our new topic of 'The Discovery Channel'! We have written non-chronological reports on our new plants from space, biographies about the famous David Attenborough, an adventure story about an animals behaviourist who goes on an expedition and much more!


Today we delved deeper in to finding out about different geographical facts about the worlds climate. We researched the major biomes in the world and then presented these to the class to find out more!

Big write!


After reading through all of Class 5's big writes, based on the events happening in Syria, I am absolutely blown away by your free verse poems. It has made me extremely proud to see such emotion and description in one piece of work!


They are that brilliant that other adults have been asking to see them and read through them again!


I cant wait to put them on our display to show off how brilliant you are!

Well done Class 5.

What a brilliant week!

Class 5 have amazed me in this short week with their brilliant confidence in swimming and hard work all round! They have continued to push themselves towards new targets and be resilient with different challenges!


Keep it up Class 5!

Mad Science!

Hi Parents! Just a quick reminder regarding the Mad Science After School club!  There are still a few spaces left. It will be full of gooey potions, fantastic feats of physics and all sorts of fun science experiments.  To register, please visit or call 01245 363 670.   Thanks!  The Mad Science Team

Viking Invasion

Class 5 have been learning about the Anglo Saxons! To finish our topic off, they were shocked to be part of a Viking invasion from Class 6! Their class belongings, peers and other items were ransacked whilst leaving destruction behind.


All was restored in the end smiley

Celebration Of Brilliance

Thank you to everyone who came to Class 5's Celebration Of Brilliance. We hope you enjoyed sharing the children's work!

Seeds From Space!

Class 5 have been extremely lucky to be part of the Seeds From Space investigation, initiated by Tim Peake. One set of seeds have been up in space and the other packet have stayed on Earth. We have been given the two packets of seeds, (red and blue) in which we need to plant and then investigate whether living things can grow in space.


We have specific monitors each day to water, turn the trays and measure their progress. This is what has happened so far!


Day 3: Germination process had starter with most seeds

Day 7: Small roots had begun to grow (some seeds haven't grown at all yet)

Queen's 90th birthday!

Wyburns began the day by celebrating the Queen's birthday in a whole school assembly.

We then learnt a bit more about the Queens life and made our own collages.

Parts of a flower


Today we recapped the different parts of a flower, looking specifically at the male (stamen) and female carpel) parts. We took a range of flowers apart to see the parts in detail.


We then looked at the pollination process and the different forms of seed dispersal!



Roots Hall - Southend United Stadium


To start our Move and Learn programme, Class 5 visited Roots Hall and were given a tour of the stadium. This was followed by a quiz in which the class got very competitive! smiley


We were then introduced to the programme by thinking about how to be healthy and testing our pulse and heart rate.


We are  really looking forward to starting the lessons at school next week!


Crazy Cams!


We had a brilliant morning making our moving toys using cam mechanisms. We began the topic by researching the different types, planning one for a specific audience and then finally making the finished product!


Class 5 were extremely resilient!

Here are some of our crazy ideas!



Class 5 and 6 had a brilliant time at their STOMP workshop Wednesday afternoon. You picked up the routine extremely quickly and then choreographed some amazing routines of your own. The rest of the school loved watching them at the end of the day!

WGT auditions

Well done to Class 5 for another brilliant week! You really are bursting with brilliance!


Don't forget to prepare for our Wyburns Got Talent auditions on Monday afternoon!


I can't wait to see them! nosmiley

Sports Relief!


I am extremely proud of you all at how you participated in the Sports Relief activities on Friday afternoon!

You were determined, positive and had great fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed joining in with you all to compete for the skips per minutes, burpees and our mile run (even if you were laughing at me! smiley)


You, and the rest of Wyburns, did the school proud! Well done!



Science week!


Wow, what a fantastic week! We really have enjoyed applying our learning which made sure our learning was Purposeful, Personal and Brilliant! On Monday , we took part in a range of activities outside linked to our theme of spies e.g. fingerprint investigations, material work and using clues to discover who the spy was!


We have also used the film Wall-e to base our science and maths learning on this week! We have used our knowledge of percentages and fractions of amount to find out the most polluted zones. We also looked at the book 'If the World Were a Village' in which we discussed the percentages of nationalities, people of have food and languages to help us understand the different statistics!

Science week!

We will be celebrating Science week through a theme entitled “Spies.”

Remember which morning your parents/ carers are invited!


Monday 9:15 – 11:00 am

Year Five and Year Six

Monday 1:15 – 2:45 pm

Early Years

Tuesday 9:15 -  11:00 am

Key Stage One

Wednesday 9:15 – 11:00 am

Year Three and Year Four


Normal routines will still occur – we will come into class and complete the register. At 9:10am, the Key Stage Two gate will open and you can meet your parents on this playground. Let the missions begin!


Completing missions is thirsty work, so Friends of Wyburns will be providing refreshments, drinks and bacon buns, from 10:15- 11:00am. Please feel free to buy and share a refreshment and complete the remaining missions.

We will then come back into class to continue our learning.


Please be aware this is a weather permitting event. Should there be inclement weather on the day all events will be postponed. This will be posted on the website banner if cancelled.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine!


Lets get Sciency!


Look forward to seeing you there!

Crazy coordinates!


Today we played a range of games to apply our understanding of coordinates, symmetry and translation. This included thinking strategically to sink our partners ships in a game of battleships and writing secret code messages for our each other to guess using our understanding of reflection.

Essex Police Museum

Class 5 have had an amazing day at the museum! We started the day with lots of activities to find out more about the history of crime and punishment. This was then followed by exploring the artefacts and puzzles within the museum (including trying out the pillory!)


After lunch we carried out our very own CSI investigations!


We thoroughly enjoyed our day! 

KS2 Family Badminton Club

 School trip - Essex Police Museum

Our class trip on 25th February is nearly here, so just a few reminders before we go!


All children will need to bring a coat, packed lunch and a drink for the day (no fizzy please). The children will not need to bring anything else, as we will be arriving back at school after the trip.


Please ensure that children are in school uniform.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Well done!

Class 5 really have had an amazing week and have shown resilience with everything they have worked on. They started the week by joining up with Class 3 for e-safety day. They then moved on to some research. The class have thoroughly enjoyed researching facts about Alcatraz prison to then write a fact file and piece of descriptive writing, as if they were the prisoner.


Miss Jude, Mrs Long and I were astounded by the wide range of vocabulary and personification used!


Have a fantastic half term and we will see you in a weeks time! crying

Don't forget!

Pentonville Prison


Pentonville Prison was set up in our class today, giving the children the chance to experience some of the daily labour prisoners were forced to do. This included picking string apart (thread by thread) and moving up and down the benches continuously without talking or making eye contact.


The children then wrote their diary entries from the perspective of a prisoner to explain their day.



This week in maths, we have been looking at applying our calculation skills to working with money. Today some of us were planning a trip to India, some were working out household bills and others were planning a camping trip.


Class worked extremely hard to think about how to spend their money wisely!

Who did it?!

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic Class 5 were challenged to solve a serious crime that took place at a wedding. 6 guests were questioned and there pulse rates monitored throughout the day.


Class 5 began by plotting each suspects pulse rates; looking at how they changed over the course of the day. We then analysed the data; also using extra information to inform our decisions.


Class 5 are the new CSI!

E Fit Art


We have been studying modern art and have been creating our own E Fit's. We chopped up the photos of our faces and then pieced different parts of the face back together again. We then drew the missing facial features.


As you can see, we found it extremely funny!

Solubility in science!

Our science topic this half term focuses on the properties of different materials. Today we looked at the solubility of different materials when mixed with water. Did they dissolve? Did they stay the same? Did they form a new substance?


Once the children had collected their results, they converting them in to a line graph to present their findings!


We were very lucky to be able to borrow some super scientist glasses to carry out our investigations!

Laws and rules in society


Today we looked at the importance of having laws and rules in society. To develop this further, we designed our own towns including the necessities needed for civilisation. These included schools, town halls, police stations, roundabouts, traffic lights etc.


The children then created their own set of laws accompany the map of their town!

All rise!


Today we had so much fun setting up court in Class 5!


We have been looking at Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's perspective; really delving deep in to his upbringing and what led him to becoming a criminal.

Miss Jude and I were astounded by the level of dialogue and gestures used throughout the session. The whole class contributed towards the judges verdict, which found the wolf not guilty!


We can't wait to write our diary entries from his perspective!

Friendship week!


This week we are focusing all of our afternoon activities on 'Friendship'.

We began this today by taking a pledge to be a good friend, taking a quiz about different friendship situations and then creating a bookmark for our talk partner including their favourite things!



Welcome back!

Happy new year to you all! We hope you had a fantastic break and are now ready to start bursting with brilliance again!


Please remember that the homework is due in on Friday 8th and that PE will continue to be on every Tuesday afternoon smiley





Class 5 Christmas party!

It was so lovely to see Class 5 enjoying themselves at our Christmas party. We had lots of fun playing games, eating the party food and of course...dancing!


Thank you for kind contributions. The children had a wide variety of snacks to choose from which certainly went down a treat smiley


Miss Jude, Mrs Long and I wish a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Thank you for all of your support so far,

We look forward to seeing you on 5th January!


Christmas activities

We had a fun filled Thursday morning where all of KS2 were mixed together for a carousel of activities. This involved making peppermint creams, a Christmas quiz, Christmas games and seeing which team could make the longest paper chain!


Both the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Christmas party and games!


Christmas is nearly here!

Our class Christmas party will be taking place on Thursday afternoon. The children have all chosen the food they would like to bring in, which is written in their partnership diaries. However, please do not worry if it is not possible to bring anything in, as I’m sure there will be plenty! J

The children will also have the opportunity to play a range of games on Friday. If they would like to bring in some games of their choice, that would be brilliant! However, this is also not essential. Please do not bring anything too valuable or items that are electronic (e.g. IPADs etc) J


Mayan Modroc!

To conclude our history and geography topic of the Mayans, Class 5 have recreated the Mesoamerica area in Central America!


We used modroc to show the physical features, such as the mountainous ranges, and made flags to mark the countries and their capital cities!


Christmas Lunch


Class 5 sat down to a delicious Christmas dinner today! We had lots of fun and loved singing all of our favourite Christmas songs!


The hats looked brilliant!