Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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This week we welcomed the arrival of our very own caterpillars. They are already munching away at their food and getting bigger and bigger! They now have names chosen by the children:





Love Love


We have been looking in detail at the life-cycle of the butterfly, using this to create our own dances.


In maths we have been exploring symmetry and using the language of shape and position to re-create patterns.


The week ended with a fantastic disco!

The Week in Pictures

Lots of rain, lots of fun!
More rain, more fun!
Lots of number writing!
Making shakers, guitars and performing dances!
Planting seeds!
Performing our life-cycle dances
Using language to position shapes.