Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!




Your first challenge is to create some bunting that is representative of Wyburns Primary School in 2020. You can use any old clothes (that you are allowed to cut up!) socks (if there are lots of odd ones in your house) or paper. Please be as creative as possible. It needs to be long enough to be displayed (about 8-10 flags). As soon as completed please send your evidence in. Photos of the make and finished product please. 


See you all at 1pm..............

Challenge 2- 1pm


Create a piece of artwork representing Wyburns, year 6 or your time at school with us. A memorable piece. You can use anything : paint, colouring in, chalk etc. The choice is yours. We are so looking forward to seeing your creations!


See you at 3pm......



Challenge 3 - 3pm


This challenge is a promise.....

We would like you to make a promise to your family that you will keep for a whole week (Till next Monday)

You need to write the promise down and sign it. This then needs to be displayed in your house to remind you. (don't forget our photographic evidence too!)


The promise can be anything - clearing away after all meals for a week, being positive, saying something kind each day, helping out with housework etc Absolutely anything that you feel you can do for your family :)



See you all at 4pm..........

Challenge 4 - 4pm

Your final challenge for the day is to video yourself singing your section of the song.

Class 5 - Hall of Fame

Class 6 - Fight song

Class 7 - We are the Champions


Please use the audio so we have the part we need :)

Please send your videos to us by 10am tomorrow morning so we can create the final video.


Thanks everyone. Then have a lovely evening keeping your promises and cooking dinner! We have been absolutely blown away by your enthusiasm and brilliance today- we've missed you all! We are so excited for the rest of the week.


Check in again at 11am tomorrow!

Team Wyburns

Y6 Mix May 2020.wav