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Week 6 - Acrostic Poems, Number Bonds and Explorers

Another week ticked off, and even though the first half term is coming to an end, the brilliance certainly isn't!


This week, in our maths, we have been looking at number bonds. Number bonds are the pairs of numbers that add together to make another number. Here are some photos of the fun way we investigated number bonds to 10. We then applied this through the use of part-whole models.

In English, we wrote acrostic poems about ourselves. We found adjectives beginning with each letter of our name. Here is a video of us saying our favourite adjective from our poem...

Acrostic Poem Best Bits

Still image for this video

In history, we have been exploring, well, explorers! We have looked at a range of explorers and the places that they found and investigated. These included Christopher Columbus, Ibn Battuta, Matthew Henson and Neil Armstrong. Here is a video of us retelling the story of the moon landing...


P.S. Sorry, it has cut some of you off but you can still hear you all!

Neil Armstrong

Still image for this video

Check back in next week to hear about our final week of Autumn 1!


Home learning below...


After the roaring success of our acrostic poems, I would like for you to write your own poems for Autumn. For our ones in school, we used adjectives but for these you can use any type of word. An example might be:

Apple pie
Trick or treating

One letter or line for each letter of Autumn is great!

There is a template attached but you can create your own if you would rather.

Spellings are also attached and remember reading and BugClub too :)

Have a lovely weekend!