Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!



Wyburns’ Brilliance Certificates


Acorns- Mason -for his super counting skills. He blew us away with his counting above 10. Keep up the fabulous work! 

1- Bonnie for SMASHING all things sounds and letters lately. Reading, writing, handwriting, you name it - she’s doing it and doing it brilliantly! Keep it up!

2-  Ezra for settling into our class brilliantly and enjoying everything you do with a smile on your face! 

3- Scarlett for her fantastic independence! You always try your best in any given challenge and work with determination! 

4-  Syndee - For being extremely resourceful. You have been a phenomenal team player, by learning parts as an understudy with no expectations of performing.  You then stepped in and performed magnificently. 

5- Marley for a super attitude to learning!

6- Charlie for an amazing piece of writing! WOW!


KS1 Reading Star- Joseph 

KS2 Reading Star- Lilia