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Home learning

There are 2 parts to your home learning and you have 3 weeks to complete them :)



After discussing the climate crisis in detail this half term, I would like you to write a persuasive letter to our local MP- Mr Craig Cannell.
The passion you have for the environment is incredible and if anyone can make a difference, it is you!
We must state the reasons why we want changes to be made:
Think about what we discussed in class - deforestation, plastic pollution, air pollution, energy sources, ocean ecosystems and global warming.
Remember to state how it is threatening the future generations of so many species and ask what they are going to do. Make sure you include all the sustainable alternatives we discussed : 
electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, water wheels etc rather than the combustion of fossil fuels.
Use persuasive language to encourage change.
I have attached some supportive materials to help too
After we have sent them, we will contact him for a response :)

The other part of home learning is from Miss Hasson.
These two pieces are due in 11th November so you have extra time to complete them :)