Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

14th May 2020

With the secret squirrel challenge underway, Year six children have been exceedingly busy tidying rooms and cooking dinner the past few days, as well as soap carving, baking and family challenges! At home, Finn and Oliver have created a cardboard car with working gears, and Zain went over to Hockley woods on his bike! Jack from Year 2 has learnt all the capital cities of the world as well as teaching his little brother them as well! Meanwhile, at school, children have been playing outside and celebrated National Nurses day in which Florence Nightingale would have turned 200! Well done everybody for staying indoors and staying healthy! See you next week for our next blog!


Brooke and Harrison 😊😊😊😊😊