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Home Learning 17.6.22

Hi Class 4,

Well done on a fab Music festival performance, it was just fantastic!!
We are very proud of you.

Home learning for this week is:

1. Times tables - please play at least 3 games of Times Table Rockstars on the Sound Checker game. Let us know how well you get on, you are so good at these now.

2. I wonder if you can challenge your adult to some times tables then see how quickly you can mark their answers. 
Let us know how you get on.

Challenge  - 
If you fancy an extra challenge then can you investigate angles? 
How many angles can you name? 
What degrees are they?
Do you have any of these in your house?  
We will be following this up next week in Maths, so this will be a great head start.

We looking forward to seeing your findings.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Clark and Mrs Goddard