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11th June 2020

Last week Brooke and Harrison were busy coming up with their 51/2 top tips for Google Classroom! This week they have created this blog by looking at the wonderful home learning that you have all been sending in!




Hello everybody and welcome to Wyburns news! This weeks top stories....


Elizabeth has been busy on cbeebies website playing games and having fun! Elouisa has been completing different tasks such as doing crosswords and quizzes! People have been creating flower grams and baking brownies, as well as doing lots of excersise and puzzles! Jake and Izzy have been learning about space and created a solar system!


We have also been busy learning a new way to communicate - Goggle Classroom. As with everything new, we had to practise but now we love it and know you all will too! 


That's all for this week, hope you enjoyed!


Brooke and Harrison 😊😊😊

Head Girl and Head Boy