Primary School

Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world!

Class 6

More Brilliance! smiley

I think you will agree that Year 6 were brilliant today.  A super leavers assembly....everything was awesome and they are definitely a hard act to follow!


THANK YOU everyone for my beautiful Pandora bracelet. It was very generous and completely unexpected. A definite reminder of my favourite, brilliant class!



What an amazing week! We had so much fun smiley

Thank you Year 6 for a very enjoyable week. You were all superstars and I couldn't have being prouder of you. So many moments of brilliance - fears faced, challenges attempted and some super team work. I know that we all have lasting memories!

Well it's been a fantastic week but we reach the end!!  We have had a great last few days with many highlights. smiley  It's a knockout was particularly fun. Go Miss Williams and team Possum!  (Poor Mr Baker's bogeys missed out!)


We are all well fed and are getting 'some' sleep. Most importantly we are having loads of fun, trying new things and challenging ourselves at every turn !! We will see you prepared for some very sleepy children!  

Day 4

Day 2 Group 3

Day 2 group 2

Day 2 - group 1

Hello all!! We have had a brilliant second day. We had a very long night last night with very little sleep! But we still threw ourselves into our activities. We have done all sorts today, got muddy, wet, built fires, zipped down wires and as usual the children are being brilliant! We are currently watching a movie- Harry potter would you believe?? And it wasn't just myself and Molly that voted for it! smiley






I will try and post some pictures soon but the wireless is a nightmare! I'll do my best though! 
Well I've just been chased round by silly string!! Year 6 are very lively and excitable but are showing their brilliance! Some real stars today and lots of people faced their fears! Bring on day 2. Right off to the beach.....the silly string culprit may well be thrown in the sea!!! 

Mersea Update


Well, they have made it to Mersea safe and sound.  The weather is ideal and they will shortly be tucking into lunch before starting their first activities.  Watch this space for updates!

Year 6 2015

So proud of you all for Sports Day! What brilliance! 
Year 6 were fab at Crucial Crew! A few need to remember the stranger danger rules though! Lots of lessons learned- always keep yourself safe Year 6! :) 

12th June 2015


We are so busy in Year 6 at the moment that I keep forgetting to update this with all our wonderful pictures! Sorry everyone! Time to keep you updated with a few things that have happened recently.


Last week we started our Enterprise Project. The children have set up their own business to run through the month of June. Unfortunately it was getting a little chaotic as all of Year 6 were trying to run their business at school. The idea was to engage with the local community and try and think bigger than school. We decided that Year 6 will be given next week (22nd June -26th June) after school to sell their product. Hopefully that will make it a little less chaotic and a little more organised!


On Thursday last week, we all went to Essex Food and Farming Day at Writte College. The children behaved brilliantly. Even though it was so busy and other children were pushing and shoving, Wyburns showed their brilliance. See below for some great pictures!


Friday last week we had a visit from Aba from the road safety team who taught us all about how to be safe on our bikes! Year 6 were very surprised at some of the things they heard but they learnt a lot!


This week, we have been full on production mode! We can't wait to show it you :)

We also entered the Rounders tournament (see below) and had some children go to Railway murals and Junior Music Festivals! Busy, busy, busy!


Finally, on Friday, we had a 'Big First Aid' event were the children took part in a live web lesson to learn basic first aid.  The children learnt a lot but the favourite bit was definitely running with a straw to see what it felt like to have asthma.


Wow - what a lot of brilliance. Well done Year 6!


We visit Grove for Crucial Crew next week, have lots of production practise and also are doing something a bit exciting with Year 4! So much to look forward to.






We did brilliantly in the tournament. Wyburns team B lost two but drew one and Miss Jude said they played brilliantly. Wyburns A did appallingly in game one but then went on to win 2 in a row, both by 1/2 a rounder. We went into our final game feeling very optimistic but unfortunately lost out. They came third out of 5 in their group which was FANTASTIC! All children tried really hard and conducted themselves brilliantly. We were very proud frown


SATs!! Woooohooo!!


.........And we are done!! WELL DONE Year 6, we couldn't be prouder of you. You really were the best that you could be :) 


We know how hard you have worked and we all hope that your hard work pays off with the levels you deserve! No matter what though, we think you are all SUPERSTARS!




May 15th 2015


We had a brilliant time on our beach trip! The children represented Wyburns brilliantly - they had fantastic manners and behaved amazingly, just as  we have come to expect from them all.  It was a pleasure taking you out Year 6. 

Essex's Most Wanted!

SATs Week


And the week is finally upon us....


Well done Year 6 for all your hard work - lets have some brilliance next week and show the world how great we are!

  Level 3-5 test Level  6 papers
Monday Reading paper  Reading paper
Tuesday SPAG/ Spelling paper SPAG/Spelling/Extended task

Maths paper 1

Mental Maths tests

Thursday Maths paper 2

Maths paper 1

Maths paper 2

We all know you will be fab!


Remember last minute revision can make all the difference.

Remember breakfast club!



Busy Busy Busy!


We have been busy in year 6 over the last few weeks, preparing ourselves for our SATs!

1 more week to go! Keep up that revising for just a little bit longer Year 6  smiley



I have found some useful websites for you  all:


Level 6 Maths only:


Level 3-5 Maths


Level 3-5 SPAG



Summer Curriculum Overview

Welcome back


I can't believe we are in the summer term already! This week has been a great first week back - lots of brilliance and lots of sunshine.


This week we have been learning about the water cycle as part  of  our new topic. We also have been looking at poetry in English and in Maths we have been exploring Averages and how to use the Inverse Operation.


There was lots of success for Year 6 this week. We won the Sports Award for the week and also the attendance. Next week we need to try and win the brilliance come again.  frown




We are on the final approach to  SATs  now. 3 more weeks! I know that lots of you are worried about it but you don't need to  be! Year 6, you will be brilliant! no Just revise little and often to keep everything fresh in your head.

Happy Easter! 


Hope everyone has a fantastic break! Year 6, remember to take a break but also keep up your revision. Your practise SATs this week really showed your brilliance! Imagine how much more brilliance you will be able to show in 6 weeks. 


Well done Molly and Izzy for representing Class 6 at Wyburns got Talent. You are superstars!! 

Coming up.....


This week we take on a practise SATs week. Year 6, we all know that you can do it! Only come to school with your brilliance hat on please! COME ON YEAR 6! Time to shine.



Quizzes......lots of Quizzes!


A few week ago, Molly, Danni, India, Marni, Spencer, Tom, Peter and Aaron took part in the KS2 quiz. Unfortunately, our knowledge was brilliant but our reaction speeds were not and we just couldn't press the buzzer in time to earn the points. They were brilliant though and should be very proud of themselves! smiley


Last week, Molly, Danni, Isobel and Marni took part in the English Quiz and did brilliantly. Out of 11 schools, they came 3rd! What brilliance! It is such a shame that we just missed out on getting a place in the final. Well done girls! frown

I'm a Parent Workshop - Revised date

Please see the flyer for the rescheduled event. smiley

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the eclipse. It was such a shame that the cloud prevented us seeing it! However, the atmosphere was fantastic so all in all, a good morning! 



Comic Relief

Well done Year 6 for all your efforts for Comic Relief. We had wonderful disguises. Unfortunately the attendance of the boys was rather low today......and we did seem to have a larger number of girls than usual.....mmmmm......strange! 

Science Afternoon

We completed lots of activities about light with Class 7. Well done Year 6 - you were kind and caring throughout! indecision

Talk and Share!

Come along and see the fantastic progress made by year 6 so far.

Come along, 3.00pm  3.45pm!



I hope you can come and join us for the Eclipse on Friday! What an exciting opportunity to see something amazing. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain! 



Keep revising Year 6 - we all have faith in your brilliance! smiley


Lots of photos to follow soon......

Chris and Sue Govus


As some of you may know, Chris and Sue are a much loved Christian couple who have been hosting assemblies for over 25 years! Their passion and love of life is infectious; with exciting songs and clear messages it is no wonder the children enjoy their assemblies.


Unfortunately, Chris and Sue are retiring. As a thank you Wyburns will be composing a Good Luck book, where each class will be writing messages to say ‘Thank You’. The couple have been hosting assemblies for many years, with many parents remembering them when they were at school. If you would like to contribute to our Wyburns Book please pass messages to class teachers no later than Tuesday 10th March.

World Book Day!


We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday! We started the day with a Big Write. Year 6 had a den in their classroom which we used to imagine what it would be like to be surviving outdoors. There were a few unexplained sounds, some very mysterious visitors and some very scared children (and one petrified teachers!) Fortunately we survived the morning and wrote some exciting pieces. After we read with Class 7 and we enjoyed sharing our favourite books with them. 

Science - Circuits

We have started our Science work on circuits. This week we have learnt about the correct symbols we should use to represent the different components. 

27th February 2015


Another week has flown by! The year seems to be whizzing by......


The countdown to SATs has begun and we are only 8 school weeks away. This half term we will be really pushing for brilliance :) To find out more, be sure to come to the SATs meeting on Monday 9th March at 3.15pm. 


Next week is World Book Day. Children should bring in their favourite book ready to share with others. Hopefully, everyone will take part in our extreme reading competition. Where is the most extreme, unusual place you can read your books? 

We also have 8 children ready to represent Wyburns at the KS2 quiz on Monday and 12 children representing Wyburns at Cross Country on Tuesday. :) 


Just a reminder that homework is due on Friday and this includes spellings. Only 4 children in Class 6 achieved full marks in their spellings. Come on Year 6- let's be brilliant! 



I'm a parent.....get me out of here!!

We are inviting all parents/carers to a coffee morning at school to provide information on childhood development.

Please find the information leaflet attached below with all the details you need to know.

We hope you can make it! :)

Big Write



Another busy week in Year 6!! We had a fantastic art morning yesterday and produced some amazing artwork! We've also written some fantastic newspapers in class and for homework. (Some of the homework was completely rubbish though!!! smiley)


This week children have new spellings to learn. Their homework is to revise for some practise SATs practise. You could try Planet Sherston, Sumdog, Read for my school, 

or some of the websites below.



Internet Safety 


A letter went home today about the increasing number of issues regarding social media. There is information available on the Internet Safety page of our website and also on the following website: 


We all need to do our part to make sure we stay safe on the internet! 

Charanga Music World 

Children have also been given a log on to Charanga - an online music world.  It is very exciting as we will be learning the song Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Are we cool enough Year 6? 

Planet Sherston 

All children in Year 6 have been given logins to Planet Sherston - an online programme with games and activities in Maths, English and Science.  Make sure you log on Year 6 and start exploring this exciting new world!

Friday 30th January


Well.....what a strange week! We started with a normal Monday morning and then ended the day with 13 children as the rest 'abandoned' us for the O2. This then continued on to Tuesday morning and 5 more children left us for a biking event (well done all but especially Kyle who received a medal!). Wednesday was fairly normal, then I missed Thursday due to a course and almost missed Friday due to a 2 hour journey to school! Hopefully next week we will be back to normal. Things haven't been any less brilliant though - the highlight today been shared winners again of the BB cup! YES YEAR 6! They should just put our names on it smiley Next week - let's get it outright! 


Keep been brilliant Year 6! What excitement awaits us next week..........

Big Write

Big Write on Friday was a futuristic affair! I skyped the children from 'home' (which incredibly looked largely like Mrs Tkacziw's office). We discussed the idea of teachers teaching from home and then discussed what life in the future would be like. After a few 'Back to the Future' clips - we came up with lots of ideas and then settled down to write a text of our choosing. I had descriptions, stories, diaries! Well done Year 6! 

19th January


This week, we launched read for my school. Children have their log ins and can log on from here:


Who will read the most books in Year 6? Let's see if we can get on the leaderboard.


16th January 2015 


Are we really halfway through January already? Where is the time going? It has been another busy week in class 6. We are now well into our new topic (see below for further details) and this week we wrote instructions on how to care for a plague victim. Some were excellent and some were......well......'creative!' shall we say! As always, they brought a smile to my face! frown


Friday afternoon we took part in some activities with early years! Year 6, as always were amazing and helped and supported the children with their learning! 


Finally, last week we were joint winners of the BB cup (Woo!) This week we had an attendance award from before Christmas and were joint winners of the good manners cup. What brilliance from Year 6! Keep it up superstars! laugh

Welcome back! 


Welcome back Year 6! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year. It is lovely to see you all back in school. 


This week has been a busy one already as we kick off our new topic.....'Finding a Cure!' We have been learning all about the plague in 1665 and in Science we have started exploring micro-organisms! It could get gruesome! 


We start the big preparation for SATs now! We are going to make sure we are all fully prepared so that come May we can be brilliant. It is going to be hard work Year 6 but I know we will be BRILLIANT. 

Happy Christmas !


What a busy team it has been. It has gone so quickly and we have done so much!


This week we have had our Christmas party which was enjoyable to all except Miss Williams smiley

We also sang at Rayleigh Methodist Church as part of the Christmas Carol Concert! Year 6, as usual, were SUPERSTARS!


Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. See you all in January!


Miss Williams



The Pantomime was fantastic and as usual Year 6 represented the school brilliantly!